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Flexible billing system — automation of service invoicing

Altkom Billing Solution is a scalable solution that can be tailored to various business models or clients’ needs. Automate invoicing, control costs and gain access to valuable data about users.
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Our Solution

Altkom Billing Solution (ABS) — for companies offering services based on consumption-based pricing models

Altkom Billing Solution is a modern solution that enables precise calculation of costs and margins for any service. It provides a clear picture of service usage and accrued charges, enhancing transparency and trust in the relationship between the company and the client.


Automation of invoicing

ABS automates a number of business processes (e.g. accounting, billing, reporting, analysis, invoicing and online client communication).


The solution allows various pricing models and tariff plans to be configured, enabling adaptation to the needs of a broad spectrum of clients and industries.

Security and scalability

Thanks to its modern architecture – based on AWS cloud – Altkom Billing Solution ensures high flexibility, scalability, availability and data security.

Smooth integration

The system easily integrates with both internal systems (e.g., financial accounting system) and external services (e.g., payment service providers).
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Solution architecture

Flexible approach to building billing systems

Thanks to an architecture based on cloud services and microservices, the implementation of Altkom Billing Solution is quick, and the solution itself can be tailored to the specifics of the company, the type of pricing model used and the company’s IT environment.

Altkom Billing Solution

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See how we helped our clients

All Case Studies

Direct travel insurance sales platform with AIS

Mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

Key results

less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

acquisition of new group of clients.

cost reduction and increase in sales.

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Maintenance and development of insurance systems

Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 5

Key results

higher savings.

competitiveness boost.

icrease of B2B customers’ satisfaction.

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Insurance system with the AIS components

Mockup dashboardów wdrożenia dla Ubezpieczenia Pocztowe - case study

Key results

in 3 months premium calculations and policy applications doubled.

in 3 years premiums due increased by 250%

sales conversion rates increased by 30%.

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Key modules and functionalities of the solution

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Calculator and configurator

Calculates the price of a service based on defined parameters, such as duration, resource usage or client type.

Enables configuration of various pricing models and tariff plans, defines price levels and creates promotions and discounts.

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Automates the process of real-time price calculation, fee calculation and generation of invoices and settlement documents.

Data analysis and reports arrow

Data analysis and reports

Provides rich data on service usage and consumption, which can be used to optimise business strategies. Generates reports and analyses. Monitors trends and KPIs.

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Allows clients to manage payments, monitor usage and access services quickly.

Integration arrow


Enables solution integration with existing systems, such as CRM, ERP or payment platforms.

Forecasting arrow


Utilises historical data and trends to predict future service consumption.

Risk management arrow

Risk management

Identifies and evaluates risks associated with billing and assists in their mitigation.


We recommend implementing the Altkom Billing Solution, especially if:

technical support
SaaS Services

You establish pricing plans based on the number of users or selected features.


You calculate transit prices based on distance, time and type of vehicle.

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You offer dynamic tariffs, prosumer settlements and consumption monitoring.

Real Estate

You handle rent payments, utility fees and security deposits for properties.

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