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    A flexible insurance management ecosystem

    Discover an extensive set of insurance product and process management solutions. Use them all or choose your own components: AIS can be easily adapted to your needs and your architecture.

    Why AIS?

    Altkom Insurance Suite – AIS – is a 100% flexible software solution for insurance providers. Its comprehensive set of tools allows young companies to quickly get off the ground and enables established insurance companies to develop or replace existing systems by picking the functionalities they need from 4 main layers and several dozen microservices.

    Want to eliminate obstacles, streamline your processes or shorten the time-to-market for new products? Tell us what you need and we will find a perfect solution.

    AIS Portals infographic

    Why do you need the AIS?

    Different business lines in a single tool
    teczka ikona
    Multi-company management
    zespol ikona
    Individual and group insurance
    insurance ikona
    Life, health and property insurance
    life ikona
    Automated quoting and purchasing system
    process ikona
    Easy API integration
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    Reach out to us to learn more about AIS solution

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    Pick from ready-made components

    Each AIS layer consists of multiple microservices. You can use them all or pick your own components. Altkom Insurance Suite is designed for easy integration with your existing architecture.

    LAYER 1

    AIS Portals

    A set of portals dedicated for different end users (agents, insurance company employees and clients), involved in sales, customer service, claims, etc. Each portal uses a special configuration tool, AIS Configuration, to facilitate flexible data and process management.

    LAYER 2

    AIS Product

    Use AIS Product Factory layer if you want to be able to quickly react to market requirements, creating and testing dedicated products and sales packages. AIS will also help you organise and manage your products, GTACs and variants efficiently.

    With AIS Product Factory, you will quickly implement new products and sales packages, lowering your T2M and C2M. Our solution allows you to quickly respond to tariff changes and adjust your prices in a matter of minutes without any need for IT support. AIS Product Catalogue is a coherent source of knowledge about your products, variants, product cards and GTACs, which you can easily propagate to other systems and applications.

    AIS Product Factory
    LAYER 3

    AIS Policy Center

    Have a look at AIS Policy Center components if your policy solution is already outdated, your technology begins to stand in the way of product and service enhancement, or you want to start an insurance or sales business (bancassurance).

    AIS Policy Center includes tools that keep up with your business needs, using a modern microservices approach and scaling it to meet your requirements. Direct integration with AIS Product Factory ensures flexibility, which allows you not only to configure your products, but also to prepare, sell and manage offers.

    AIS Policy Center
    LAYER 4

    AIS Claim Center

    AIS Claim Center components will let you streamline your claim adjustment processes, methods and efficiently communicate with clients about the progress of their case. AIS is an ergonomic solution for your employees and partners.

    Thanks to a flexible configuration of claim processes and forms, you can adjust your processes to your current needs. AIS Claim Center solutions are quickly adapted to your products by special configurations for claim registration, adjustments and payouts, thus allowing you to generate and assign tasks, as well as set alerts and notifications.

    AIS Claim Center

    Are you interested in the AIS?

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