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Democratization of technology is one of the high-profile technological trends that may have a significant impact on the way modern […]

A company that does not grow is one that quickly lags behind its competitors. However, it is not worth groping […]

Will 2022 bring changes in the operational security of financial institutions, transferring the entire burden of responsibility to the management […]

When someone asks me what my profession is, I say, “I am an analyst.” Probably at this point in your […]


Is cloud computing the mother of all innovation? 


The times when by the term “new technologies” we understood primarily the Internet are gone forever. From the moment we […]

Despite the austerity policy implemented in many companies around the world, CIOs must nevertheless continue to invest in digital transformation. […]


What is risk management in IT project management?


With the accelerating development of information technologies and the growing needs of users, IT project management is essential, regardless of […]

In order to successfully conduct sales activities in the modern market of digital products and services, the user experience should […]

They are pointing for it Gartner and Forbes— it appears that in the coming year cloud computing will still have […]

According to the Accenture report “The green behind the cloud”, migration to the public cloud provides up to 40% savings […]

Fear for the life and health of oneself and that of one’s loved ones, the economic crisis, the wave of […]

Automated business processes are becoming more and more common in modern companies and institutions. The implementation of such solutions in […]

Nowadays, we are in the era of digitization. Business modifies its character by relocation of activities. Duties once performed in […]

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, enterprises databases dynamically grow. This is the result of widely launched digitization. […]

Business process automation provides companies with excellent opportunities. First of all, they help to improve customer experience which happens to […]

MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a product (offer, service, software) that is to be further developed in the future, […]

Effective management is the key to the success of any enterprise. Sooner or later, the obviousness of this will impact […]

Bringing a new product to market is not a simple task that can beat even the biggest market players. Fun […]

Cloud computing is a service that allows companies to use the necessary tools, but without investing in the costly construction […]


Effective IT & Business Strategy For Your Business


In the business world, having a business strategy is a must. Today, IT and business strategies are inseparable, together providing […]

The pandemic and numerous restrictions forced companies from the insurance industry to make changes to secure the continuity of business […]

The cloud computing has become a source and a booster of innovation with almost unlimited possibilities. It gives enterprises the […]


Business Process Modelling using Camunda advanced features

Case Studies

Camunda is a very powerful workflow and decision automation platform. We use Camunda as a process engine in one of […]

Intro Are you struggling with a backlog of cases to be processed by your operation teams? Do you need to […]

This article assumes that the reader has had any either practical or theoretical dealings with both Promises and Observables. Anything […]


E-book “22 steps to reduce your AWS bill”


Camunda extensions


Open source solutions are great. You can immediately and for free benefit from such solution. It is a common way […]

In modern software development unit tests are de facto standard. I cannot imagine having a new project without unit tests, […]

Camunda workflow and decision engine is winning the market in recent years. There are several reasons behind this success. One […]


Process automation in numbers by Camunda


Camunda has recently published a great report on the state of process automation 2020. It is based on a survey […]

How to prepare for the AWS cloud migration project and avoid defeat? This is the first article from a series […]

1. Error handling in BPMN BPM notation, as opposed by UML, offers support for handling erroneous situations in a way, […]


How to start the digital transformation?

Case Studies

Digital transformation requires changes in most activity areas of the company. It is not only about changes in IT systems, […]

What is technical debt? The best explanation of this term, coined by Ward Cunningham, was provided by Martin Fowler. We […]

No university degree. Five-digit debt. Quit school. Fatherless. No job on sight. That was my life at the beginning of […]

Dynamic changes of the situation across the world require the entrepreneurs to quickly adapt the ways of selling their products, […]


Why Camunda has become so popular in financial sector?


My point here is not to convince you about the necessity of using workflow solutions in the financial sector. I […]

It is amazing how quickly time passed. It seems that it was yesterday when we started our journey with Micronaut, […]

Introduction Azure DevOps platform was shown for the first time at the end of September 2018. To check what this […]

It’s the heyday of blockchain technology. At the end if 2018, the term appeared in over 86 million internet publications […]

May is a hot month for .NET developers and Microsoft fans because of Microsoft BUILD conference. As in previous years […]


Camunda and .NET Core – friends or foes?


Intro Our teams, at Altkom Software & Consulting, are using the Camunda BPM platform successfully in many projects for over […]

In this post, I am going to present how you can use domain-driven design tactical patterns like value object, entity, […]

In this day and age there’s a steady influx of new, revolutionary frameworks, be it frontend-related or mobile. If one […]


Xamarin.Forms Tips and Tricks


I started developing with Xamarin in late 2018, when we at Altkom decided to rewrite ONSTAGE in Xamarin.Forms 3.x for to […]

We all know and love Elasticsearch great full-text query capabilities. But Elasticsearch offers much more great functionalities and aggregations framework […]

This is the seventh article in our series about building microservices on .NET Core. In the first article we introduced […]

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I worked on the business side and was responsible for […]

It’s been almost a year since our first blog post about Micronaut. We saw a big potential of this new […]

The technological advancements and increasing adoption of cloud solutions by a lot of industries and increased interest of the banking sector in cloud solutions are the key factors leading to the growth in the iPaaS market.

This is the sixth article in our series about building microservices on .NET Core. In the first article we introduced […]

oIt is partly because of the success of many e-commerce businesses or applications such as Spotify that recommendation systems are […]

Let’s be honest: software development is hard. Project reality confirms it. According to Chaos Report by The Standish Group International […]

In this article we will focus mainly on the topic of beautiful UI/UX and how we can achieve it in […]

Over the last decade, the compliance offices of the global banks have been heavily hit twice. First time, by money […]

Yes, there is a way to manage the complexity of health insurance as such. In this article, the focus is […]

We live in a world of dynamically changing technologies. New ways of architecturing our solutions, new frameworks and libraries seem […]

Camunda BPM (business process management) – light, high-performance, open platform for managing business processes based on BPMN 2.0, DMN 1.1 […]

This is the fifth article in our series about building microservices on .NET Core. In the first article we introduced […]

This is the fourth article in our series about building microservices on .NET Core. In the first article we introduced […]

To 1.1.0.M1 version Micronaut did not have integration with RabbitMQ. We could use libraries that enabled integration with Apache Kafka […]

This is the third article in our series about building microservices on .NET Core. In the first article we introduced […]

The first association brought to mind by the term “Event Storming” is a well-known method of generating ideas in a […]

Serverless architecture is a relatively new approach. Good practices and proven toolkits for implementing solutions in this architecture have not […]

In first article in our series about building microservices in .NET core we are going to focus on internal architecture […]

I liked .NET technology from its inception. In fact I left the dark star of overxmlized J2EE development to join […]


Headless CMS as a Microservice


As a Software House that develops a lot of B2C and B2B systems we have to deal with content management […]

For a long time, we have relied on Java 8 for most of our projects. But with recent announcements from […]

The topic of microservices in IT world is still alive. Like every novelty – it makes lots of noise and […]

While searching for the use case of machine learning in your businesses, you don’t always have to think about huge, […]

At the end of September, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Functions 2.0. When we read Eduardo Laureano blog […]

We all like being given gifts. Some of them quickly disappear from our lives and memories. Some of them stay […]

For quite a while we have been noticing a huge interest in Progressive Web Application (PWA) in the frontend world. […]

In the previous article we showed how to create a simple chatbot which will serve as communication channel with the […]

Bots are not a new solution. They have been on the market for many years. Currently, their importance and use […]

Microservices is architectural style focused on the speed of software development defined as the number of functionalities created within a […]

Speed of feature delivery is the key property of microservice-based architectures. We use this architectural style to deliver solutions faster […]


MVP in Insurance


A minimum viable product (MVP) has just enough features to satisfy early customers and can provide feedback for future. It […]

    Mobile experience started with WAP in 1999, slow GPRS connections, tiny screens and weak mobile CPUs. Then mobile […]




Microservice architecture is a way to decompose large monolithic applications into loosely coupled components, each responsible for specific, separate domain […]

Cloud Both companies introduced dozens of new services for their customers in Azure and Google Cloud. The most emphasis was […]

Why Azure? Microsoft has recently become number one cloud provider in the world (results of 2017) and many enterprises move […]

What you hear all the time Security in the context of public APIs is typically well recognized problem and all […]

How insurance companies can become innovative ‘Innovation’ is a term very fashionable and misunderstood nowadays. Insurers seeing this trend often […]

Objective-C in the eyes of the C# developer We have all used or at least heard of Apple’s iOS and […]

How insurance companies can become innovative ‘Innovation’ is a term very fashionable and misunderstood nowadays. Insurers seeing this trend often […]