Innovating in what you do with AIM methodology

We all like being given gifts.

Some of them quickly disappear from our lives and memories.

Some of them stay with us longer.

Some of them change the way we live and the way we interact with the others, in our private lives and in our business incarnation.

During our workshop at Sales and Marketing in Insurance conference we gave you the gift, and actually we unpacked it a bit together with you.

Just to make a quick reference, speakers have talked during the event about:

  1. Interactions/Collaboration
  2. Empowerment (taking and giving)
  3. Open/Closed innovations,
  4. IT transformation
  5. Agile/Scrum,
  6. Convenience vs. loyalty
  7. Knowledge sharing

What is the common denominator of all the above? They all are about “Culture Change” and “Mindset”.

In all industries and all businesses areas we want to encourage our teams to be involved, focused, proactive, creative and open. Honestly, to do it, we need to give them something in return that will increase their value irrelevant of their future career paths. Something universal that will help them survive and succeed.

We as the software provider, faced the challenges how to stimulate and motivate our analysts, designers, architects and developers to give their best when dealing with our customers’ problems.

Our “event gift”, the AIM (Altkom Inventive Meetings) methodology which we derived from TRIZ created by Genrich Altshuller, was used by us and has delivered results at almost every level of our organizational structure.

It opened individuals that were introvert by nature, streamlined communication and goal setting among teams involved in the same project. It also allowed us to build the new company’s paradigm around it.

Not surprisingly, over time, we saw big impact on communication with our customers. We found so many new angles to attack the problem and we were so keen to discuss them openly, and we no longer had to face the controversy or the deadlock over finding the resolution.

We do hope that our short, or – should I say – a very short AIM workshop intriguing and you will find this type of tools worth introducing in your organization.

Thank you again for active participation and good luck with innovating in what you do!


Bolesław Pilecki
Head of International Business Development