Digital Leasing Platform (DLP). An omnichannel and low-code solution for leasing companies

The Digital Leasing Platform (DLP) is an emergent software solution perfectly tailored to the needs of the financial industry, specifically designed for leasing companies looking to digitise their services; the platform allows them to offer their products via all available sales channels (online, mobile, partner, mixed channels). The Digital Leasing Platform was noticed and awarded by Gazeta Bankowa with the Hit of the Year 2023 award in the Insurance and other financial institutions category.

Digital Leasing Platform (DLP) - an omnichannel and low-code solution for leasing companies

What is the Digital Leasing Platform?

The Digital Leasing Platform is a solution for leasing companies looking to digitise their leasing services and expand their portfolio through the acquisition of new partners. The platform will benefit all parties involved in the leasing process, including end clients, who can now go through the entire process in any way they choose (also 100% online). 

The system is easy and intuitive to use, designed as a low-code solution specifically for business people who might lack specialist tech knowledge. Thanks to an omnichannel approach, it allows leasing products to be delivered to clients in a convenient and customisable way. 

Low-code platform

We wanted process administration to be as simple as possible for all users, not just those with IT experience. To this end, we used a popular decision and workflow automation engine, Camunda BPM, for process modelling. As a result, the DLP allows anyone to model and launch processes in an easy, visual way, even if they don’t know how to code! 

Omni-channel solution 

We focused on making sure the DLP would let entrepreneurs go through the entire leasing process in the most convenient and natural way (at any place, time, via any communication channel). The process can easily start in a physical store, continue on a mobile device and end on a home desktop computer.

Key modules and functionalities

The backend of our Digital Leasing Platform allows admins to manage processes effectively. The tools it makes available take the load off Customer Support teams, eliminating the need to wade through logs from many distributed systems. This means incidents can be managed more easily and efficiently.

  • Module: Process Management and Control – enables you to continuously monitor and analyse all active processes. You can use it to check process lifecycles, identify bottlenecks, discover stages that take longer than expected and stages where customers decide not to continue with the process. The same analysis and actions can be performed on a whole series of processes.
  • Module: Product Catalogue – allows you to align your leasing products (e.g. car or radio and TV equipment leasing) with relevant processes, templates, documents or forms.
  • Module: Reporting and Analysis – generates operational and management reports and sends data to data warehouses and BI analytics tools.
  • Module: Form Generator – allows you to create and release highly advanced forms even if you cannot code.
  • Module: Document Generator – can be used to create, save and digitally sign document templates. Documents are automatically filled out with user data.
  • Module: Hot Deploy – allows you to optimise any process in real time. Changes can be deployed even in production.
  • Module: Testing – allows you to test and compare processes, including within the framework of A/B tests.

Technology. How is the DLP built?

The platform has an open microservices architecture and uses the latest tech tools, which means it can be continually developed, with new functionalities being added in the future. It can also be adapted to the specific needs of your business. 

  • App frontend: Angular 11/ Typescript
  • App backend: SpringBoot / Java 11
  • Process engine: Camunda BPM
  • Data persistence: PostgreSQL
  • Frontend server: NGINX

The platform has a flexible micro-frontend architecture designed for easy communication with other services via a REST API. The DLP is easily integrated with different internal, partner and external systems (e.g. debt registers), enabling fast, consistent and flexible data sharing and updates. 

The DLP is a multi-engine solution, which means it allows you to manage many process engines. This is important for process diversification in terms of location or criticality. The platform can support different kinds of leasing processes, aligning itself with your needs and requirements. 

E-commerce integration

E-commerce partners have two options for integrating their systems with the platform. One is to use ready-made plug-ins such as PrestaShop, Magento or WordPress. Another is a dedicated API.

Digital Leasing Platform: Benefits

The platform brings benefits to all the parties of the process: the leasing company, its partners and the entrepreneurs.

Benefits for leasing companies

  • Reaching a wide audience;
  • Intuitive process management (visual interface);
  • No-code form generation and release;
  • Digital signatures to reduce paper-based contracts;
  • Fast troubleshooting of problems and incidents (all logs in one system);
  • Quick document generation and signing (PDFs, watermarks, signature files, data autocomplete, digital signature);
  • Document version and template management;
  • Easy way to add partners who offer leasing products;
  • Active response to client-side incidents and problems.

Benefits for e-commerce partners

  • Easy way to finance products via leasing (new sales path);
  • Opening up to a new customer segment;
  • Fast and easy deployment (plug-in or dedicated API);
  • Ability to incorporate product insurance costs in leasing premiums.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

  • Easy, safe and convenient product financing: directly at your partner’s office, in a physical location or 100% online;
  • No need for stacks of paper-based documents;
  • Ability to apply and follow through with the process at any place and time and via any channel (web/mobile).

Digital Leasing Platform in practice

Today, the Digital Leasing Platform is successfully used by one of the leaders in the leasing market. Having met its high business and tech demands, the platform has become the company’s main tool for offering its leasing products. 

Sandra Szklarek
Sandra Szklarek
For more than 8 years in the IT industry. He helps companies in the banking, insurance and leasing sectors with digital transformation in the area of process digitisation using workflow automation (Camunda), sales support in online channels and building dedicated software to support key processes.