Is Poland a good choice for GCC companies to outsource their software development? 

    At first glance, Europe and the Arabian countries are separated by a great geographical distance and many cultural differences. Until now, European countries, including Poland, have not really been on the radar of businesses from countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait or Oman. However, there is something that brings these two seemingly disparate markets together: Vision 2030, a roadmap for change already being implemented in Saudi Arabia — the country becoming a precursor of setting new directions in the region. Europe leads the fray in terms of economic transformation, providing diverse digital services with a minimum of red tape; software solutions and experience from countries such as Poland can now be easily transplanted to the developing market of the GCC states.

    Is Poland a good choice for GCC companies to outsource their software development?

    The question is: what would cooperation between Polish software companies and companies for the Arabian Peninsula look like? Are there any barriers to hinder custom software development services or, on the contrary, would activities of this kind most likely encounter no obstacles?

    This post is based on our experiences from our first partnerships with companies from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

    Software Development in Saudi Arabia (GCC) – our experience

    We made our first contacts with the GCC market during Gitex Global 2022, an international trade show held in Dubai, where we presented our extensive experience in process automation, custom software development and cloud computing.

    It was there that we started a partnership with a public transportation operator in Qatar, who was interested in our IT audit services, especially an analysis of what the organisation would need in terms of infrastructure and solutions to manage their huge data volumes.

    Thus far, practical cooperation and project management have been going ahead smoothly. We have already hosted the Qatari delegation in Warsaw and travelled to Qatar to visit the client’s company and start our work onsite.

    Another project where we can show off our software development skills involves creating an application software for a telecommunications company from Saudi Arabia to manage the sim cards of large corporate clients. At the moment, our development teams are already onsite, ready to work on the app and help the client build a new growth strategy for their UX/UI department.

    We are also in talks with one of large banks in the region, interested in outsourcing software development teams to quickly build software to increase its digital product sales volumes in the mobile channel.

    Long-distance software development

    The time difference between Europe and the Arabian Peninsula is not big, which really facilitates cooperation. Polish software companies often provide software development services to US or Canadian companies, but projects of this kind are often hampered by the large time difference (up to several hours) between the two locations.

    For the GCC states, the difference is just two hours in winter and one in summer, which doesn’t put a great strain on overseas software developers. Communication can go on without greater disruptions, but differences in the workweek can be a bit of an issue.

    Unlike businesses on the GCC region, in Poland, we are used to working from Monday to Friday. However, we did manage to hammer out a solution that works for both parties. During the kick off phase, which usually takes place in the client’s country, our software developers work Sunday through Thursday; it is only after gaining trust and mutual understanding in the software development process that they shift to a Monday to Friday schedule.

    In our experience, if the cooperation is otherwise stable, this one day difference should not have an impact on effective software development for Saudi Arabia (GCC) market.

    As we mentioned earlier, we often visit each other’s locations and some of our teams work in offices in Qatar or Saudi Arabia, which is made possible by direct flights between Warsaw and two metropolitans in the CGG region: Dubai or Doha from which it is also easy to travel to Riyadh. Project management, for instance, is usually done through standard tools such as Teams and Jira, but we also contact each other via WhatsApp or Viber.

    What software development skills are best looked for in Poland?

    Poland is famous for its high-quality software development services. Polish software companies and software engineer teams have won recognition in the international arena for a high degree of professionalism, excellent tech skills and staunch commitment to high quality software. What, then, are the key features of the Polish IT market?

    • Education and skills: Poland has an impressive IT education system that produces highly qualified IT specialists. Polish software developers are highly qualified, with a solid technical background, which pays off in terms of quality and makes them attractive for potential employers all over the world.
    • Knowledge and experience: Polish software development companies usually have a lot of experience working with clients from a variety of markets and sectors, which gives them better software development skills and helps design custom software tailored to different business needs, based on a range of different technologies.
    • Innovation: The Polish IT industry is dynamic and innovative. Companies try to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and many more. This allows them to create modern and high quality software.
    • Professionalism and processes: Polish IT companies employ professional software development methodologies, such as Scrum or Agile, which facilitates effective project management and regular communication with clients. Software development processes are well organised and security testing and quality assurance are emphasised.

    Our strengths at the software development service of the GCC market

    Working with our clients in the GCC region, we are actively committed to Vision 2030; we understand the need to take prompt and effective action and create solutions that will give them a technological advantage. Below, we have listed several aspects that we focus on in our projects:

    Full custom software development process

    We take ownership of the complete software development process, working within a consistent and comprehensive framework that eliminates the need for coordinating many providers and facilitates internal project communication.

    Our comprehensive responsibility for the development process enables effective project management and requirements analysis, and allows us to deliver business value, promptly react to change, deliver high-quality code and develop and maintain our systems. In sum, we manage the complete software development lifecycle from start to finish.

    Even though we typically create custom solutions, we also have a lot of ready-made components and development tools that allow us to build and deploy new software quickly without interrupting our clients’ business operations.

    Well-designed software architecture

    For us, well-designed architecture should be a prerequisite for creating software systems. It allows us to scale up the solution as loads and requirements grow and improves its overall performance: optimising structure, data flow and communication between software components may speed up the system, reduce response time and minimise time lags.

    In the event of error, systems with a robust architecture are more resilient, i.e. recovery is faster. Choosing microservices as your software development architecture will facilitate app development and integration with external services.

    Building digital sales channels

    Vision 2030 ideally aligns with one of our key skills, i.e. business process automation and digitalisation. We understand how important it is to provide clients with a consistent and high-quality experience throughout all customer service channels. We also know the difficulties and challenges involved in moving your operations online (data security, privacy, integration with external systems, intuitive solutions).

    A good example of our work would be the Digital Leasing Platform, a leasing platform which is now ready for deployment in financial product sales in digital channels. 

    We also have a lot of experience in designing application software for mobile sales. We create intuitive user interfaces for easy browsing, order placement and payment via mobile devices. We design functionalities that enable personalisation, recommendations, and integration with backend systems to deliver personalised and integrated sales solutions.

    Software developers outsourcing for Saudi Arabia (GCC)

    Our team extension service provides clients with immediate access to specialists from different fields and with different sector experience. We have project teams made up of tech savvy developers, analysts, testers and scrum masters, ready to work remotely or relocate to the client’s country. We can work in three convenient models: we can add talent to the client’s team, work on a separate part of the project, or take care of the complete software development process. 

    Are you looking for experienced software engineers for your project?

    As you can see, Poland can be a really attractive market for Arab companies interested in outsourcing their software development processes. Polish software development companies offer high-quality services, a professional attitude, experience and innovation. Cooperation with us is easy due to similar work schedules, our experience in online work and our software engineers’ openness to relocate for several weeks or months.

    So, if you’re looking for a team to take over your software development project and finalise it in accordance with the latest tech standards, reach out to us! We are here to answer all your questions.

    Filip Wachowiak
    Filip Wachowiak
    In the IT industry for 8 years with a 100% focus on overseas sales. He has developed a portfolio of clients in Europe and the United States, and for more than a year at Altkom Software, he has also been open to markets in the Middle East. In foreign sales, he most appreciates multiculturalism — each market has its requirements and business customs, providing valuable lessons for the future.