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We work on projects across the e-commerce sector

State-of-the-art marketplace

Bet on a dedicated marketplace and become a leader in your industry. Let us take care of your project, from needs discovery and definition, all the way up to solution implementation, integration and maintenance.

Building an e-commerce platform

The e-commerce platforms available on the market don’t meet your expectations? Build your own solution to match your business needs 100%.

Building or modernising e-store

Design and build an online store or modernise an existing solution. We will help you transition our store to the e-commerce platform of your choice.

Dedicated mobile app

Develop your store and create a unique mobile app for your customers’ convenience. We will take care of its branding,
UX/UI, MVP and further development.

B2B sales solutions

Shift your business relations to online channels. Optimise processes, define terms and conditions, and oversee the sales of products and services.

Product Discovery workshops

Join us for a special workshop that will help you get a better understanding of your target group and tailor your product to their needs.

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We know how to address the needs of e-commerce & marketplace

Software as a Journey

To build a store/marketplace, use a design framework we have developed while creating complex software for large market players. This will allow you to avoid design risks, align the solution with customer needs, ensure its scalability and easily implement it.

E-commerce cloud

If you don’t know what levels of traffic your e-commerce solution may generate but you want to make sure the app will always be available, tap the potential of the cloud. Especially if you are planning to expand into foreign markets.


We integrate stores with ERP systems or bookkeeping and warehousing systems, as well as the marketplace, payment systems, courier companies and marketing tools. We also create product feeds.


Ensure user comfort and a pleasant experience when interacting with the platform through an attractive visual design, a transparent interface and easy-to-use functions.


Check our Case Studies and learn how we can help you

Case Study

UX and UI of the vendor portal in the Eurocash marketplace

To increase the product range available to its customers, Eurocash decided to build its marketplace. We have designed over 100 views for him, consistent with the visual identification.

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