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    Leasing process digitisation

    Move your leasing portfolio online. Allow your clients to get their financing from home, focusing on simplicity, speed and minimal red tape.
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    Types of projects we manage for leasing sector

    Process digitisation arrow

    Process digitisation

    Automating processes to support the financing of various product types over multiple sales channels (including easy integration with partner systems).

    Working with Camunda BPM, a popular process engine, field-tested in the financial industry, as well as our own proprietary low-code products.

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    Omnichannel solutions

    Creating comprehensive omnichannel solutions to integrate and synchronise actions across different sales and customer service channels (the bank’s channel, the partner channel, physical stores, websites, mobile apps, customer hotline centres, etc.)

    Eliminating legacy systems arrow

    Eliminating legacy systems

    Supporting the migration of processes from monolithic systems to applications with a modern architecture that meets the security demands of the leasing sector. Streamlining financial operations, fast-tracking new digital product deployments and opening systems up to new technologies.

    Paperless solutions arrow

    Paperless solutions

    Deploying solutions to reduce paper use and cut the red tape in leasing processes. Operating in accordance with ESG strategies and legal regulations.

    IT Consulting arrow

    IT Consulting

    Supporting the leasing industry in using new IT technologies to optimise business processes, boost performance and increase competitive edge.

    Meet Digital Leasing Platform – the award-winning low-code solution for the leasing sector

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    See how we helped our clients

    All Case Studies

    Design and development of omnichannel processes

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for BNP Paribas

    Key results

    70% less time to solve reported problem.

    67% fewer errors in account opening request forms.

    over 30 processes digitised.

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    Direct travel insurance sales platform with AIS

    Mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

    Key results

    less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

    acquisition of new group of clients.

    cost reduction and increase in sales.

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    Maintenance and development of insurance systems

    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 5

    Key results

    higher savings.

    competitiveness boost.

    icrease of B2B customers’ satisfaction.

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    Building an online logistics platform in cloud

    Prilo 5 1

    Key results

    increased accuracy of the budget estimation.

    launch in less than 12 months.

    high application availability.

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    Automating internal processes with Camunda

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 5

    Key results

    MVP implementation in 3 months.

    2 big deployments.

    automation of 15 workflows.

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    5+ years of experience in the leasing sector
    10+ comprehensive processes per project
    50+ leasing specialists in dedicated team

    We know how to meet the demands of the leasing sector

    Integration with partners

    Designing and building an open microservices architecture to enable easy integration not just with internal systems, but also partner systems (easy integration with insurance societies or stores).

    E-commerce support

    Smoothing out the road to launching the financing process in partner stores. Creating and launching dedicated APIs or plug-ins available for popular e-commerce solutions (PrestaShop, Magento or WordPress).

    Portfolio development

    Designing leasing solutions with a view to future portfolio development. Easy deployment of new finance and insurance products and services.

    No downtime

    Implementing a mature Ci/CD pipeline. Fast-tracking new functionalities. New app versions are deployed without any downtime (clients can continue to use relevant services throughout the process).


    Our projects respect all the leasing system and app security requirements. The code is always checked for compliance with legal regulations. Our activities comply with ISO 27001.
    Sandra Szklarek
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    The Digital Leasing Platform (DLP) is our solution for leasing companies that want to increase their share of services provided over the digital channel. The DLP is based on an open microservices architecture, which means it meets the most rigorous security standards and can be easily integrated with any system, in any environment and domain.

    Sandra Szklarek

    Business Development Manager

    Why are we the best bet for the leasing sector?


    We have developed and deployed a range of fully digital solutions for leasing transactions.


    We have relied on our experience in the financial sector to expand processes to banking and insurance channels.

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    We have experience in handling leasing object types such as semi-captive, agro-, household appliances, audio/video devices.

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    Altkom Software operates per international standards for the security of information processing.

    Tell us your needs and we’ll find solution for you

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