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Business processes automation

What do you want to achieve?

Adhoc improvements - Robotic Process Automation

Adhoc improvements – Robotic Process Automotion

Immediate and inexpensive elimination of repetitive tasks and manual labour.

Camunda - Altkom Software & Consulting

Automation of whole processes – Camunda

Quick process digitalisation or implementation of digital sales or customer service channels.

Digital transformation of the company - Altkom Software & Consulting

Digital transformation of the company

A comprehensive change in the IT ecosystem requiring the synchronisation of initiatives in many areas of the organisation.

What do you gain?

A solution suitable for your needs and budget:

Quick, low-cost solutions

From software robots offering quick, low-cost solutions through BPM platforms allowing you to flexibly change the way the company operates to a transformation strategy that defines the plan of digitalisation initiatives for particular areas of the organisation.

The efficiency of your business

You will improve the efficiency of your business operations and discover opportunities for savings.

Low maintenance costs

We achieve low maintenance costs and high service flexibility through the use of proven, open-source solutions.

How we deliver your project

1. Analysis of processes and needs

Firstly, we analyse the business processes in your company. Following that, we determine their value by evaluating likely profits from their automation. Next, we examine the systems you use and the possibility of integrating them. And finally, we learn your business goals and together determine the indicators to improve.

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1.	Analysis of processes and needs

2. Suggesting appropriate tools

First of all, we create an automation strategy starting from improvements that are quick to implement. We then offer a comprehensive business process management strategy allowing flexible process management and measurement of the effects.

Let's choose tools

2.	Suggesting appropriate tools

3. Implementation

The first stage is either building robots, integrating systems, or implementing BPM platforms depending on the plan established. In the course of doing this, we take care of the appropriate documentation. We work in an agile manner, ensuring the timely delivery of results and mutual understanding of objectives.

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3.	Implementation

4. Maintenance

At first, we ensure the continuity of operation and processes automation. If for some reason, your objectives change, we will support your organisation to further achieve them. The chosen methods of measuring the effects make it easier for us to determine the next stages of the digitalisation of business processes.

Order maintenance

4.	Maintenance

Our specialisation

Camunda business process automation


A flexible platform to manage and automate decisions and business processes. It works by the simple integration of various systems and flexible business process management. Camuda users appreciate the user-friendly interface, the use of the well-known BPMN 2.0 standard and the possibility to use the open source version. It is a good choice for companies wishing to go digital.

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Robotic Process Automation

Simple applications that automate repetitive office activities such as the rewriting data between systems or the downloading, sorting and grouping them. The implementation of software robots is rapid and does not require changes to any existing systems. Created once, they work for no extra charge as long as they are needed.

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Simple applications - Altkom Software & Consulting

Advice on tool selection - Altkom Software & Consulting

Advice on tool selection

Together, we analyse your business processes to show you potential gains from digitalisation and automation. We recommend the right tools and the plan of transformation, and advise you on how best to manage them and measure their effectiveness in an accessible and straightforward way.

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