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    Advanced complex process automation

    An advanced process platform to support digital product sales and online customer service. The Digital Control Center is based on Camunda Community, but goes well beyond the functionalities offered by Camunda Enterprise.
    30+ digitised processes in the project
    65% reduction of process errors
    70% faster troubleshooting

    Why Digital Product Center?

    Digital Product Center is a perfect solution for large institutions, especially in the financial sector. It enables effective process automation in an extensive IT environment, even with many systems and data distributed across many sources.

    Digital transformation

    A comprehensive solution for digital transformation, the DPC allows business operations and automate processes to be streamlined. IT offers multiple functionalities that help you eliminate manual work, improve customer service quality and boost sales.

    Process visualization

    Thanks to a built-in modelling tool, users can easily create a visual representation of their processes. The DPC also allows you to simulate processes so they can be tested and improved before actual deployment.

    Sales automation

    You can automate the way you manage your offers, send your offers and contracts, and process and deliver orders. The tool allows you to define sales processes, including process stages, tasks and assigned users.

    Integration support

    The Digital Product Center has a range of built-in interfaces, enabling quick integration with ERP, CRM and database systems. Its API allows you to create integrations with other systems, including e-commerce apps.

    Offer personalisation

    Thanks to the DPC, you can easily manage your customer data and segment customers into groups. Based on collected data (customer activity, preferences, purchase history, etc.), you can create personalised offers and recommendations for specific customers.

    No coding needed

    The DPC allows you to create forms, applications and front ends without any coding. The tool comes with templates you can adapt to your own needs. All changes are introduced via a graphical interface, so you don’t need to write any code.

    Are you interested in Digital Control Center?

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    Digital Product Center functional modules

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    An online service that supports new customer acquisition and banking product sales, by enabling content management (CMS) and offer presentation. May be integrated with chatbots.

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    Product catalogue

    A product configurator that allows you to manage your digital products and prepare them for sales processes (creating product types, categories, features).

    Document generator arrow

    Document generator

    A printout and contract configurator.

    Online form editor arrow

    Online form editor

    A graphical form editor and online application generation mechanism (including mobile device support).

    Engine and modeller arrow

    Engine and modeller

    A graphical modeller and process engine (BPMN 2.0) for business process definition and design.

    Front/back-office apps  arrow

    Front/back-office apps 

    Business process support and management by dedicated teams (BPMN Tasklist & BPMN Cockpit).

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    Analyses and reports, management information and call center/department customer service.

    Michał Lisiecki, Head of Digital Now Unit
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    The Digital Control Center is an indispensable tool for any organisation that wants to optimise its business processes. It offers a range of advanced functions, such as process modelling and automation, as well as integration with different external systems. The DPC gives companies full control over their processes, boosting their performance and giving them a major competitive edge.

    Michał Lisiecki

    Head of Digital Now Unit

    What are the benefits?

    Transparent licence model

    No matter how many users and processes you have, you only pay once and can use it as much as you want.

    low code
    Low-code solution  

    Easy and intuitive business process management, without any need for coding.


    You can deploy only selected modules and don’t have to invest in the whole tool.


    The DPC allows you to personalise the user interface and can be adapted to the specific needs and demands of your organisation.


    The DPC is based on a modern microservices architecture, which means it can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your business.

    technical support
    Technical support

    We offer comprehensive technical support, including fast troubleshooting, and are there to help you with any doubts or queries.


    Take a look how we helped our clients


    Development of a new insurance sales path

    Implementation and development of the Digital Product Center platform to support selling, managing, and monitoring key processes.

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    BNP Paribas

    The Bank needed to enable successful sales, cross-selling, and upselling through the online channel. So far, the delivery of products has been done in a way to the long-term and costly, requiring the involvement of plenty of parties in determining the shape of the process and implementation in a few legacy systems.

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    Santander Consumer Bank

    Delivery of complex solution based on Camunda BPMN to handle online loan applications integrated with e-commerce stores and stationery stores, where store employees can assist customers in the quick loan application.

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    Development of proper tool for better management of business processes, including automating workflows. The project involved the deployment of Camunda Community, Altkom’s Camunda-based solution called Control Center, consulting the work of Java engineers and training Zencargo’s teams in setting up automated workflows.

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    The company is a leading global automotive supplier, delivering new mobility solutions and technology for most of the modern car producers in the world.

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