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    Building a logistics platform for European car shipping leader

    Project summary

    What was the project about?

    The client came to us with a specific business idea that he wanted to implement within 8 months from the start of work. The project involved the construction of a complex logistics marketplace that would enable servicing of European markets.

    Adampol, despite extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the forwarding industry, had yet to gain experience in building complex software from scratch. In addition, the client’s business model was still in the evaluation phase, and the marketing strategy was at the time of creation. Due to these factors, Adampol sought a partner for comprehensive support during the project implementation.

    Project duration

    ~ 1 year


    Transport and logistics

    • Software engineering
    • Cloud services

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    About client

    Who have we helped?

    Adampol is part of Hyundai Glovis, a global logistics company supplying ocean transportation logistics, cargo space, loading/unloading, and packaging services across the globe. Adampol, with its 1300 employees and 16 divisions in Europe, specializes in car and cargo transportation with a yearly revenue of 130 million USD.

    Mockup presenting custom development and cloud solution for our client - Prilo
    About challenge

    What was the challenge?

    The client wanted to develop, deploy and maintain a complex marketplace consisting of 3 applications. From the beginning, the project assumed expansion into foreign markets and a gradual increase in user traffic.

    • – app for logistics carriers and receivers.
    • Customer Service app – for managing the marketplace features available internally for its employees.
    • Mobile app – available for truck drivers to report the shipment’s current status.
    Cloud based platform in mobile app for Prilo
    About solution

    What have we done?

    The client was provided with a cloud-native system 100% based on the cloud, which allows for handling completed and commissioned transports from the beginning to the end of the process. Thanks to the platform’s general availability for other companies (including those previously not cooperating with Adampol), the client can acquire new contractors. Based on transaction data collected in the application, he also gains access to full analytics.

    Ultimately, after building an appropriate user base, the use of the application is to be paid, which will generate additional financial benefits.

    Dashboards of custom developed platform for Prilo

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    About process

    How did we work on the project?


    The 3-month Product Discovery process

    We researched the market demand, analyzed the competition, and identified the client’s needs.


    Cloud infrastructure

    We developed the architecture and strategy for using the AWS cloud in the project.


    UX and UI of created applications

    We refined all 3 applications in terms of UX/UI and dressed them in attractive graphics.


    MVP and further software development

    Deploy, develop, and maintain 3 application instances – platform, mobile application, and Customer Service application.

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    What results did we get?


    Product Discovery increased the accuracy of the estimated budget to ~ 30%. 

    1 year

    The platform was launched less than 12 months from the start of work.

    Zero downtime

    High application availability thanks to the automated CI/CD process.

    TECH stack

    What technologies have we used?



    Spring Boot


    Elastic Container Services



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    Prilo logo - Altkom Software's client

    Altkom’s willingness to find solutions, meeting atmosphere, and excellent technical skills were remarkable. Comprehensive offer – design and implementation of an IT solution (including UX and UI specialists who took care of a user-friendly interface), support in the field of product strategy, support in implementing Agile framework into the Company.

    Marcin Koziak

    Product Owner, Adampol S.A.

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