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Advanced Power BI Dashboard - Altkom Software's case study mockup

Automating the verification process for 3000 daily operational reports

Project outline

What was the project about?

Our client struggled with the daily analysis and verification of thousands of .PDF documents submitted by an external contractor. Employees in charge of verifying operational reports had to go through each document carefully to find essential business information, Done manually, the process took up the bulk of their workday and was highly prone to human error: after all, when you need to go through up to 3000 files per day, mistakes are bound to happen.

Project duration

1.5 months



  • Process automation
  • Data & Analytics

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Our client

Who was our client?

Our client is a growing Saudi company, a leader in the oil and gas industry in the GCC region, with extensive expertise and experience in delivering oil-well operation and measurement products and services.

Advanced Power BI Dashboard - Altkom Software's case study mockup
Key challenges

What were the key challenges of the project?

We wanted to develop software that would import information from specific fields in .PDF files and automatically feed it into the client’s database. In this context, the greatest challenge was that the reports our client had to go through were very diverse; one differed from another in terms of the number of fields and the way it organised the information.

Advanced Power BI Dashboard - Altkom Software's case study mockup
Our solution

How did we address the problem?

We decided to write the .PDF data extraction and importation software in the .NET language. We created an algorithm that uses coordinates to search files for keywords, reads out the information, and feeds it into the database. Reports now go into a folder where, every few minutes, the model detects the presence of new files and repeats the verification process. The whole process is fully configurable so as to allow the client to, e.g. modify the keywords in the future.

To support our client’s operations even more effectively, we connected the database to Power BI, thus creating an advanced dashboard allowing essential information to be easily identified. As a result, company employees now only need to look through filtered, aggregated and attractively presented operational data.

In addition, the database also includes historical records, which means that our client can use the Power BI dashboard to go back to any date of their choice, create forecasts or examine trends.

Advanced Power BI Dashboard - Altkom Software's case study mockup

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Our work

What did we do?



Analysing the problem, examining the files, understanding the requirements.



Starting within 2 weeks from signing the agreement.



Creating and developing an analytical model based on files provided by the client.



Running c. 90 tests on the file-processing algorithm.



Presenting a functional dashboard (without deployment into production)



Final installation and configuration in the production environment.

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Key results

What did the client get?

3,000 files

Automating the file verification process (c. 3,000 operational files per day).

3 hours

Saving up to three hours of work per day.

0% errors

Ensuring an error-free process by eliminating the human factor.

TECH stack

What technologies did we use?


Power BI


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Our dashboard is an ideal tool that filters and verifies operational information. It allows the client to get instant insight into filtered data, saving time and reducing the risk of error. Thanks to process automation, our client can now rest assured that no important information will be missed in the overwhelming daily workload.

Agnieszka Gretka

Senior BI & Data Developer

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