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    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 1

    Maintenance and development of insurance systems supporting the operation of Allianz Partners UK

    Project information

    What was the goal of the project?

    Allianz Partners UK is part of the Allianz Global Assistance Group. The company is a leading B2B2C specialist and an expert in creating and delivering unique solutions that bridge the worlds of insurance and technology. The contract between Allianz and Altkom Software covers the maintenance and development of more than a dozen insurance systems in two different areas of Allianz Partners UK’s offer – RSA (Roadside Assistance) and Travel.

    Our main task was to take the initiative in further developing the contracted systems and then develop, test and implement new functionalities. Our activities supported Allianz’s business processes and responded to the need to continuously refresh the company’s offer.

    Project duration

    2011 – 2021



    • Software Development
    • Maintenance

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    About the client

    Who did we help?

    Allianz was founded in 1890 in Berlin and initially operated as a regional supplier of accident and transport insurance. The hard work of several generations of employees and managers has turned it into a strong player in the international insurance market. Today, Allianz operates globally, reaching customers from over 70 countries worldwide with its wide range of insurance products.

    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 2
    Key challenges

    What were the biggest challenges of the project?

    The project’s most difficult challenge was insurance systems development in the face of the constantly growing and changing Allianz insurance offer and legal regulations. We simultaneously developed as many as a dozen systems responsible for different areas. In the area of RSA, we maintained, for example:

    • Phoenix/IAA – a system for recording Assistance events with a policy database, enabling the registration and monitoring of Assistance services;
    • AIR – a system used for billing Assistance events before they are transferred to the accounting department. It allowed the processing of invoices from Agents;
    • Dealer Portal – a system to account for replacement cars issued during repairs carried out in workshops. Used for Mercedes;
    • Property – a system used for the provision of Home Assistance services;
    • Other services – as part of the contract, we also maintained minor services and systems, some of which had typical support functions, e.g. allowing dictionary data to be accessed by other systems or used to inform the client about the current status of Assistance services.

    In the Travel area:

    • Liberty – a system that allows the sale and management of Travel policies. It had the functionality to process claims under purchased policies;
    • TMS/Claims Online – websites that allow claims to be submitted via the Internet.
    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 3
    Our solution

    How did we address the challenge?

    As part of the contract, we maintained and developed components such as:

    • Web applications – Front Office, Back Office;
    • Desktop applications – Back Office;
    • Windows Service applications;
    • Mobile application – Android;
    • Services – WebAPI, WCF.

    The components communicate with each other using different protocols/standards:

    • MSMQ queues, IBM MQ queues
    • REST
    • SOAP
    • Flat File

    In addition, we integrated with a number of third-party services/applications:

    • Trakm8 – geolocation information for technicians;
    • APEX RMS – a platform with tasks for Agents;
    • Google APIs – calculation of ETA, geolocation, places;
    • Services of various car brands: Fiat, BMW, Mercedes.
    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 4

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    About Process

    What did our cooperation look like?


    Initiative and new ideas

    Preparation of proposals for several solutions in the TFS system with the valuation.


    Acceptance of selected solutions

    Approval of requirements and acceptance of the quote by the client.


    Software development

    Directing the new functionality, with all the details, to development.


    Code review and manual tests

    Performing manual tests, with an emphasis on functional and integration tests.


    Support and monitoring

    Monitoring the correct functioning of insurance systems and responding to irregularities.

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    Important results

    What did we achieve?

    Satisfaction increase

    The rapid development of the systems translated into the satisfaction of B2B Allianz customers.

    Boost competitiveness

    The implemented system functionalities enabled Allianz to compete for new, ever-larger customers.


    The activities carried out were aimed, among others, at optimising the cost of the system.


    What technologies did we use?

    .NET Framework 4.x

    .NET Core 2.0 WCF

    Web API

    Angular 5

    .NET Core Web API
    Angular 2

    Angular CLI ASP.NET MVC

    Bootstrap 3 MS SQL 2012

    Oracle 11g

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    Allianz logo svg

    The partnership with Allianz has developed over many years. During this time, we have worked with over a dozen systems supporting the Assistance service at many stages of service delivery. Together, we have made improvements to the existing processes, from support for Call Centre employees through facilities and systems used by technicians carrying out commissioned repairs to support for the accounting department.

    Thanks to our many years of knowledge of business processes and systems maintenance we were a partner who took an active part in the development of the client’s business. We were the first choice when quick changes were needed to enable Allianz to obtain a new cooperation agreement, as well as in situations where new legal regulations required changes in the process and adaptation of systems to new realities.

    Kamil Szkutnik

    Lead Analyst, Business Operations & Integration Unit

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