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Pricing management system

BP global discounts platform. Implementing a pricing management system for global discounts management


Who have we helped?

BP is one of the world leaders in the oil and gas industry. It engages in the oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production, midstream transportation, storage and processing, and marketing and trade of natural gas, including liquefied natural gas and power and natural gas liquids. 


What was the project about?

The company needed to develop and implement a pricing management system. The aim was to share local and national mechanisms of controlling discounts for car fleets previously negotiated by sales representatives. There was also a need to build a tool that allows defining global discounts, regardless of the country in which the vehicle is refueled.

The key challenges included ensuring business continuity of critical systems like fuel pricing management and supporting application development in Europe’s multinational and multi-currency environment. 



What have we done?

Altkom Software created a system that calculates the leading indicators in business: costs and profits; among the data considered for calculating the profitability of the contract are: the number and types of vehicles in the fleet, the annual volume of fuel demand, type of fuel, exchange rate differences in fees, costs of negotiated bonuses, additional fees, the size of discounts granted, regions where the customer refuel and even precisely indicated stations where you can receive more significant or fewer discounts.
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What results did we get?


Ongoing engagement since 2012.

Clean data

Extensive system calculating costs and profits according to vast data storages.


Improvement of processes affecting the global company’s business goals.


What technologies have we used?



Windows Forms

it consulting

.NET Framework 2.0 – 4.0

Process Automation

Java Script

app dev

Angular + WebAPI

Process Automation

Custom AJAX framework

app dev

Apache Kafka


C# 7.3+


Altkom Software does an excellent job with the task and problems presented. They’ve always over-deliver and never overpromise; their work is frequently delivered well before their set deadlines. Their work is of an extremely high standard in terms of design, management, and execution. 

Mark Sweeney

Pricing Manager