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    mockup of Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

    Building a direct travel insurance sales platform with Altkom Insurance Suite

    Project outline

    What was the project about?

    Crédit Agricole Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. (further referred to as CATU; currently part of the Crédit Agricole Ubezpieczenia group) wanted to launch an online sales channel offering travel insurance for individual travellers and their families, along with an optional sports insurance extension. The company decided to build the new online sales platform from scratch, as it was shown to be more efficient than configuring a new product within their core system.

    Project duration

    2016 – 2023 (maintenance)



    • Software development
    • Maintenance
    • Altkom Insurance Suite

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    Our client

    Who was our client?

    Crédit Agricole Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. works alongside CA Życie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń S.A. under the umbrella of Crédit Agricole Ubezpieczenia. They are part of the Crédit Agricole Assurances capital group, which brings together all the daughter companies of the Crédit Agricole group. The group offers a wide range of cash value insurance and life insurance, as well as property and personal insurance.

    mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software
    Key challenges

    What were the key challenges of the project?

    • The sales system in place did not support a direct sales channel;
    • Configuring a new product in the existing core system would be costly and time-consuming.
    mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software
    Our solution

    How did we address the problem?

    We quickly designed and deployed a new sales platform thanks to the ready-made components of Altkom Insurance Suite for product and tariff parameterisation and configuration (microservices included in AIS Product Factory). Subsequently, we deployed new sales fronts, also based on a set of AIS parameterisation solutions, where the styles and colours were easily adapted to the client’s homepage.

    In addition, we integrated the platform with an online payment operator, Bluemedia, and the client’s own product system, using a message-queueing software (RabbitMQ). In the end, the platform consisted of a sales module (front office), a management module (back office) and a direct sales web application.

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    Our work

    What did we do?



    We decided to build a new platform instead of configuring a new product within the client’s core system.



    We designed a new platform using ready-made AIS components.



    We integrated the platform with an online payment operator, Bluemedia, and the CATU product system.



    We deployed the portal in less than 2 months to allow the quick launch of insurance sales.

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    Key results

    What did the client get?

    A quick start

    A quick start in travel insurance sales. It took us less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

    New clients

    A new online sales platform, that also targeted clients without an active CATU account or other CATU products.

    Sales growth

    A several dozen percent increase in travel insurance sales and a significant cost reduction thanks to the direct sales channel.

    TECH stack

    What technologies did we use?

    Altkom Insurance Suite

    Spring Boot

    Angular JS





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    Crédit Agricole Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń has worked with Altkom Software over many years now and we have always had a very high opinion of their expertise and the quality of their solutions. The platform was deployed on time and in accordance with all our requirements.

    Krzysztof Warechowicz

    Director of IT Department and Organizational at Credit Agricole Insurances

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