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    Development and deployment of a modern leasing platform

    Project information

    What was the goal of the project?

    Our client – a large financial institution – approached us because it wanted to move its leasing portfolio online. The idea was to create a solution for two target groups: product providers (who might want to add leasing as a method of payment in their stores) and entrepreneurs (who might want to be able to tap convenient financing options at any time or place, and through any channel).

    The project started with sales process automation in the partner channel (e-commerce); we then moved on to optimise the financing process in the physical channel and embed the leasing application process in the banking channel.

    Our task was to design the architecture of the solution and develop the business requirements, as well as to test and maintain the system once it has been deployed. In our design, we focused on developing a dedicated interface that would allow new partners to be easily connected, which was the key aspect of the project.

    Project duration

    From 2020 – now


    Finance, leasing

    • Automation workflow
    • Software engineering

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    Our client

    Who was our client?

    Our client is one of the largest financial institutions in Poland. For over 20 years, it has offered financing options such as leasing and loans to businesses and companies throughout the country. The financing has covered, e.g. vehicles, IT equipment, machines, devices and investment projects. Their clients include SMEs and the largest companies on the Polish market alike.

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    Key challenges

    What were the biggest challenges of the project?

    The new leasing solution had to meet several criteria:

    • It had to be fully integrated with other internal systems;
    • The financial product had to be easy to deploy;
    • Its parameters had to be easy to configure in terms of providers;
    • The solution should allow future development;
    • Full process automation and monitoring had to be ensured.
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    Our solution

    How did we address the challenge?

    We tapped the maximum digital potential to develop and deploy the dedicated leasing platform, providing it with an open microservices architecture and a REST API for easy communication with other internal and external systems, including partner platforms. Our project is a low-code solution, using a popular platform, Camunda BPM (supplemented with our own proprietary extension Digital Product Center), as the workflow and decision automation engine.

    Client’s leasing platform was fitted with modules and functionalities that allow the user to:

    • draft and publish forms with no need for coding;
    • quickly adjust products to existing processes;
    • generate and automatically fill out documents;
    • easily generate operational and management reports;
    • send data to data warehouses and analytics tools;
    • optimise processes on an as-you-go basis (hot deployment);
    • test and compare processes (also within the framework of A/B testing).

    We also took care of the needs of the bank’s business partners, who can now launch their financing process in one of two ways: through a dedicated API or via plug-ins available for all the popular e-commerce platforms (PrestaShop, Magento, WordPress).

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    Our activities

    What did our cooperation involve?


    Business and tech analytics

    Defining the needs of the bank, as well as their clients and business partners.


    Solution architecture

    Including the integration of the platform with multiple systems.


    Process platform

    Deploying Camunda BPM and Digital Leasing Platform.


    Process deployment

    Deploying digital and physical leasing processes on the platform.


    MVP and further software development

    Deploying, developing, and maintaining the client’s leasing platform.

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    Important results

    What did we achieve?

    3 minutes

    from the submission of the application to financing decision.


    various systems was integrated with the platform.


    efficiency of application processing since launch of the platfrom.

    TECH stack

    What technologies did we use?


    Apache Camel


    Apache Kafka

    Oracle DB





    Spring Framework

    Camunda BPM

    Digital Product Center

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    Sandra Szklarek
    quote blue

    Carrying out such a wide-scale project was a challenge, but we pulled it off thanks to using, e.g. components of our proprietary solutions (Digital Product Centre and Digital Leasing Platform). Our previous experience in working with the financial sector also proved priceless during the integration of the platform and helped us avoid many problems with adding an insurance portfolio or deploying online banking processes.

    Sandra Szklarek

    Business Development Manager

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