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    Connectivity Management Platform for Arabian

    Connectivity Management Platform redesign. Enhancing utility with best UX/UI practices

    Project summary

    What was the project about?

    Our client, a large telecommunications company from Saudi Arabia, has operated and developed a Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) through which its B2B clients can manage their IoT device SIM cards (e.g. purchase cards and manage their data packets) for several years. For a long time, the platform was a typical back-end solution: it did the job, but it was not at all intuitive and its processes were not optimised for users or how they normally use such solutions.

    Because the platform is mostly used by corporate clients and large company employees, the client management decided to redesign the platform to enhance user comfort and experience. At first, they hired a British company, whose UX/UI team soon started on the project, including product discovery and user interviews. However, half a year later, the decision-makers felt that the mock-ups did not reflect their business needs or, indeed, important user expectations.

    Unhappy with the work of the UK company, our client started looking for a contractor who could take over the project and complete the redesign of the platform. This is how they found the digital product design team at Altkom Software.

    Project duration

    June 2023 – present



    • Strategy & Digital Product Design

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    About client

    Who have we helped?

    One of the most prominent digital telecom service providers in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East. The company offers landline and fixed infrastructure, mobile services and data transmission, as well as mobile broadband and cloud computing services.

    Connectivity Management Platform for telecommunications company from Saudi Arabia - mockup 2
    About challenge

    What were the biggest challenges of the project?

    The UX/UI team at Altkom Software joined the project after the bulk of conceptual work had already been completed by the previous company. Pressure of time meant we couldn’t simply go back and start with full product discovery from scratch.

    We had to analyse the data that had already been collected – and we discovered that they were incomplete. As a result, at the beginning of the project, we were plunged into unknown territory and we had to learn to work with the client and understand their expectations of the platform as we went along.

    Connectivity Management Platform for telecommunications company from Saudi Arabia - mockup 1
    About solution

    How did we address the challenge?

    The Connectivity Management Platform is used by two separate user groups:

    • External B2B clients for SIM card purchase and management operations;
    • Client’s employees in charge of customer service and platform maintenance (account managers, support teams, product teams).

    Our task was to design and create screens/views for both groups under major time constraints. Due to the limitations in place, we had to reverse our usual process and try to be flexible: sometimes, we had to start our work by making UX mock-ups and only collect further requirements along the way.

    We prepared UX process maps and created the client’s entire design system from scratch. Each larger chunk of work that was finished immediately underwent utility testing, and we only continued to work with UI elements on the tested mock-ups. The process was repeated until the entire platform was redesigned.

    Connectivity Management Platform for telecommunications company from Saudi Arabia - mockup 4

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    About process

    How did we work on the project?


    Data analysis

    We analysed the data collected by the previous design team (product discovery and user interview data).


    Information architecture

    Creation of a complete information architecture for the communications management platform.


    Project launch

    We divided ourselves into two teams that worked in parallel: the UX team, drawing on low fidelity mock-ups, and the UI team, who created the client’s design system.


    Process UX

    We prepared the UX maps for all the processes, gradually deployed the design system and started working on UI mock-ups.


    Utility testing

    We prepared test scenarios and systematically tested process after process, both with clients and client’s employees.


    UI platform

    We went on to work on UI mock-ups until the new design was deployed across the platform.



    We checked the consistency of our work with what was actually deployed on the platform.

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    What did we achieve?

    Implementation of UX/UI practices

    Implementing our best UX/UI practices, not only on the platform but, gradually, in all future processes.

    A finished design system

    A planned-out, designed and deployed design system, ready for use in future products.

    Platform redesign

    A comprehensive enhancement of platform features (UX/UI, process logic, information architecture).

    TECH stack

    What technologies did we use?




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    Altkom Software logo

    Thanks to our comprehensive approach, the client got not just hundreds of thoroughly tested UX mock-ups, but also a new design system created from scratch, based on which they can now more quickly develop new digital products.

    However, our role doesn’t end here. Our UI designers support developers in transferring views to the platform accurately and we are getting down to work on more processes, this time from scratch, with full control over the requirement collection process.

    Antoni Leśniewski

    UX Team Leader

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