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Production management system.
Developing a tool for continuous operations on over 100 production lines


Who have we helped?

As a technology company, Valeo is a partner to all automakers and new actors worldwide, working together to create mobility that is cleaner, safer, and smarter through its innovations. Valeo is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.


What was the project about?

The requirement was to find a supplier that would ensure stable software development, its maintenance, and support in non-standard incidental but also critical processes of the IT department, which, as outside the department’s typical list of tasks, were beyond Valeo’s team competences, knowledge and experience. Valeo’s goal was to select a supplier that would maintain and further develop the main production supervision system on over 100 different production lines. In addition, the new system was supposed to enable the management of the warehouse and internal orders on production lines, and one of its functionalities was to dynamically report the demand for components, control deliveries and logistics support. None of the ready-made solutions on the market gave the possibility of configuration and adaptation of functionality to the required, specific scope of the factory’s operation.

ABOUT challenge

What was the challenge?

  • Continuous improvement and adaptation to the new logistics requirements;
  • Guaranteeing 24/7 stability of the system;
  • Maintaining a high level of technology compliance to new upgrades.

What have we done?

— End-to-end design & implementation
— Technical support 24/7
— Maintenance

Using given technologies, constant system maintenance has been carried out, and its development and subsequent modifications are introduced to simplify detail or seal processes and operation.

What results did we get?

Maintenance and development of the support system for discount contracts for fleets. The improvements optimized the processes in the company and resulted in a significant efficiency increase. This has a positive effect on achieving the right business goals.


Increased satisfaction of customers and partner’s employees.


25% acceleration of the production processes.


Increased system stability and reliability.


What technologies have we used?



VB 6.0

it consulting


app dev


app dev

Warehouse Builder


Business Objects


My feeling was that I had a real partner in this work. Altkom came in one day with comprehensive plan and managed to implement it successfully.

Factory Manager