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Process automation


Zencargo workflow automation. Camunda Community deployment for a better management of process automation.


Who have we helped?

Zencargo is a digital-first freight forwarder & logistics provider. The platform allows customers to book, manage and keep track of their international freight and use analytics to drive intelligent supply chain decisions.


What was the project about?

Zencargo approached Altkom with a need to develop a proper tool for better management of business processes, including automating workflows. The project involved the deployment of both Camunda Community and Altkom’s Camunda-based solution called Control Center. Zencargo was not only interested in deploying Camunda but also desired to use this deployment in the future, so our partnership involved consulting the work of Java engineers and training Zencargo’s teams in setting up automated workflows.


What have we done?

— Automated agents’ process assignment
— Microservices architecture adaptation
— CI/CD pipeline preparation

Altkom helped to deploy Camunda as a microservice orchestration platform and supported it with expert knowledge at every stage of collaboration. We successfully integrated the Front-end GraphQL application with the process engine task list, established asynchronous connections between microservices, and created production deployment to the cloud environment. 

In addition, we have successfully deployed the Camunda Platform alongside Kafka integration and built digital process automation MVP, which finished before schedule. The overall solution works smoothly and automates daily work. Altkom’s technical consultants offered precise and faultless recommendations that allowed Zencargo to elevate the performance of our business and gain the required knowledge.

What results did we get?


100% of the engineering teams involved in workflow automation have received complex training from Altkom’s consultants.

3 months

3 months for learning and automating all of the client’s workflows .

2 major deployments

2 major deployments of Camunda Community and Altkom’s Camunda-based Control Center.


What technologies have we used?





The work with Altkom set us on the right path to exponentially grow the number of workflows deployed at Zencargo. The first, complex workflow deployed with the help of Altkom engineers led us to smash our goal of 15 workflows of various complexity by the end of 2022Q3. These workflows positively impact other business metrics and transform us into a task-based organization.

Artur Roszczyk

Engineering Manager, Zencargo