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    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 1

    Automating internal processes with Camunda and Control Center to build complex workflows

    Project information

    What was the goal of the project?

    Zencargo approached us with a request for a tool that would help streamline their internal processes and automate their workflows. The project involved the deployment of Camunda Community, as well as Altkom Software’s own Camunda-based solution, known as Control Center.

    Zencargo’s owners were interested not only in deploying Camunda, but also in making sure they would be able to tap into its full potential in the future. Accordingly, our cooperation also involved consulting services, by which Altkom Software engineers trained Zencargo team in workflow automation.

    Project duration

    3 months


    Transport, logistics

    • Automation workflow
    • IT consulting

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    The client

    Who did we help?

    Zencargo is a digital forwarding agent and logistics service provider. Zencargo’s private-label platform allows clients to book, manage and track international freight shipments, as well as consult a range of analytics to take informed supply chain decisions.

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 2
    Key challenges

    What were the biggest challenges of the project?

    Zencargo defined three main goals for the project:

    • Implementation of the Camunda process platform, along with the adaptation of the solution to the Zencargo microservices architecture;
    • Construction of an MVP covering one business process, implemented and connected to the proprietary Zencargo platform, used to support supply chains;
    • Communication between Camunda and the Zencargo solution was to take place via the Apache Kafka message broker.
    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 3
    Our solution

    How did we address the challenge?

    Zencargo approached us at the stage of considering the choice between Camunda Community and Camunda Enterprise. The company was interested in the possibilities of our proprietary extension to the open-source version of the platform – Control Center. After consultation, the client has decided to implement Camundy Community 7 with Control Center functionalities and gradually develop the platform.

    We started the project by plugging into Zencargo’s CI/CD pipeline and implementing Camunda in their environment while working closely with the client’s DevOps team. After successfully implementing Camunda, we participated in workshops on the selected business process, which became the basis for building the MVP. We worked on integrating Camunda with the Zencargo system using Kafka, creating a component that the client could also use in other processes. Throughout this time, we held meetings where we showed how to work with Camunda, using it to model, create and handle process errors.

    The next stage was implementing the Control Center, which enabled broader process management, monitoring, analysis and insight into completed processes. The project ended with the construction of the MVP in the form of a fully implemented and developed process, based on which the client could effectively build subsequent workflows on his own.

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo

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    Our activities

    What did our cooperation look like?


    Consultation and solution selection

    Presentation of the advantages and possibilities of Camunda along with our proprietary extension — Control Center.


    Implementation of the process platform

    Camunda Community 7 implementation in the client’s environment. Building communication between Camunda and the client’s platform.


    Process consulting

    Close cooperation with the Zencargo team, including training in Camunda and process management.


    Construction and deployment of MVP

    Implementation of a complex business process, which became the basis for building subsequent workflows (already on the Zencargo side).

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    Important results

    What did we achieve?

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    months were enough to implement MVP and learn how to automate customer workflows.

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    big deployments: the Camunda Community 7 platform and the Control Center.


    The client fulfilled its business goals in the form of 15 workflows by the end of Q3 2022.

    TECH stack

    What technologies did we use?

    Camunda Community 7

    JAVA / Kotlin

    Apache Kafka



    Spring Boot

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    The work with Altkom set us on the right path to exponentially grow the number of workflows deployed at Zencargo. The first, complex workflow deployed with the help of Altkom engineers led us to smash our goal of 15 workflows of various complexity by the end of 2022Q3. These workflows positively impact other business metrics and transform us into a task-based organization.

    Artur Roszczyk

    Engineering Manager, Zencargo

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