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What is our role in your business? Providing fast and flexible access to the cloud. Our commitment to clients' projects was appreciated at this year's AWS Partners awards. On December 1, 2021, we received the following titles:

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Build an application in the cloud - Altkom Software & Consulting

Build an application in the cloud

Migrate to the cloud - Altkom Software & Consulting

Migrate to the cloud

Transfer the development environment - Altkom Software & Consulting

Transfer the development environment

Who is this for - Altkom Software & Consulting

Who is this for?

We support Clients who use cloud computing daily and those planning to upgrade their solutions and move to the cloud.

Our most significant experience comes from creating cloud-based systems for the automation of business processes, sales systems and back-office software supporting internal operations of our Clients.


We offer a comprehensive service from planning, estimation of investment costs, development and implementation to moving the applications to the cloud.

Cloud Native - Altkom Software & Consulting

We create both cloud-native business applications and seamless communication of hybrid apps which are partly in the cloud and partly in the Client’s infrastructure.

Cloud management strategies - Altkom Software & Consulting

We prepare and implement cloud management strategies in terms of costs and the optimal method of migration.

We move the Client’s development environment to the AWS cloud and upgrade and improve Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) processes.


Korzyści - Altkom Software & Consulting

Chosen project experience

Podium - Altkom Software & Consulting

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A project for a start-up in a limited budget – We’ve created the Onstage mobile application in a serverless architecture based on Azure Functions, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Tables, and Azure Cognitive Search. Due to the limited budget, the priority was to keep the infrastructure costs as low as possible.


Leading insurance company

Migration, integration and development on Azure Service Fabric in .Net Core – we’ve built services responsible for calculating the premium for a leading insurer using Azure Service Fabric and .NET Core. These services are used in direct sales processes. The project involved moving some of the solutions from the client’s internal infrastructure to the cloud and creating several new calculators. Part of the project was also the integration of new elements with the client’s back-office core systems remaining in his internal infrastructure.


Various enterprises

Application development in the Azure environment – We’ve created a comprehensive system for monitoring, forecasting and optimizing energy consumption for businesses. The system uses Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queues and the .NET Framework.


Insur-tech company

Maintenance and development of applications in the AWS environment – We maintain and develop an application for the insured-tech company to analyze the needs and optimally match the insurance offer to the client’s needs. We are using Amazon AWS, AWS Kinesis, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS RDS for PostgreSQL.


A company from the advertising industry

Azure DevOps in the advertising industry – We designed and implemented a modern Continuous Integration / Continuous Development solution based on Azure DevOps for a leading company in the advertising industry.


Pharmaceutical company

Migration to the cloud – We’ve developed strategies for migrating infrastructure and applications to the cloud for a pharmaceutical company.

Why Altkom Software and Consulting

We guarantee you

We are continually developing - Altkom Software & Consulting

Peace of mind

We are continually developing, studying and testing new trends as a part of our R&D activities to recommend only proven solutions to our clients.

We use only proven processes and methodologies - Altkom Software & Consulting


We use only proven processes and methodologies and combine Agile Best Practices with a Cloud Adoption Framework experience.

Our specialists have more than a decade of experience behind them - Altkom Software & Consulting


Our specialists have more than a decade of experience behind them. We develop our competences within our internal LAB and are certified Azure Certified Architects and Developers.

We share our knowledge and experience

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