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Discover potential of cloud computing

Cloud computing has become one of the most important elements of digital transformation. However, not all companies understand its potential. You can turn this to your advantage. 

Are you facing challenges such as speed, fluidity or accessibility of your digital offer? Do you want to launch new products faster and analyse data better? Are you looking to save money or are you relying on remote working? Our cloud offer for business will support you in all of this and allow you to always be a few steps ahead of the competition.  

Explore the benefits


Take care of the continuous availability of services and no slowdowns


Gain access to unlimited resources


Choose safe architecture and data protection

Faster time-to-market for new products

Smoothly expand your offer

Improving communication and cooperation

Choose remote access

Reducing IT infrastructure costs

Start saving wisely

Our cloud services

  • Cloud consultancy

    Not convinced that the cloud is the best and most secure solution for your business? Our advisors will help you understand all aspects of cloud computing. They will present the available technologies and options, tailoring them to your business needs.

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    Cloud consultancy
  • Business case for the cloud

    We only move our customers’ environments to the cloud when there is a sound business case for doing so. We analyse objectives, resources, costs and the situation to assess the tangible benefits of integrating the cloud into the company’s IT strategy.

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    Business case for the cloud
  • Cloud native applications

    The solutions created are intended not only to “operate in the cloud”, but above all to allow users to reap all the benefits behind a cloud-based infrastructure. You can count on our expertise in microservices, containerisation, cost optimisation, etc.

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    Cloud native applications
  • ERP system in the cloud

    Even with the most complex ERP systems, you can benefit from moving them to the cloud – if only in a hybrid model. Discover the scalability and cost savings, and experience a stable and secure solution.

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    ERP system in the cloud
  • Comprehensive migration to the cloud

    You will receive a full service from us – from cloud transformation strategy, implementation and optimisation to control, administration and cloud cost management (FinOps model).

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    Comprehensive migration to the cloud
  • Regulatory support

    We will help ensure that the configuration of cloud environments meets all standards and legal requirements. We have knowledge and experience in this area gained from working with clients in the financial and insurance sectors.

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    Regulatory support
  • Cloud assessment

    We will analyse your organisation’s needs and conduct a cloud health check. You will detect problems at an early stage and learn what to do to improve the performance of cloud services.

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    Cloud assessment
  • Security in the cloud

    We will check your current state of users, infrastructure and data. Wei will implement controls and secure access points, activate encryption and take care of threat monitoring. You will learn about cloud security tasks and gain the necessary protection.

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    Security in the cloud
  • Cloud cost optimisation

    Are you spending more on the cloud than you assumed at the start? With our help, you can adapt your cloud environment to your actual requirements. We will help you eliminate unnecessary expenses, disable unnecessary services, choose the best pricing model and configure your servers. It’s all about lowering your cloud bills.

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    Cloud cost optimisation

Is your decision to move to the cloud delayed by fear of high costs?

We are happy to prove that a well-managed cloud will generate savings in your company budget. 

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