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An omnichannel solution for leasing companies

DLP is a modular platform tailored to the needs and architecture of leasing companies. Automate your processes, acquire new partners and reach out to new customer groups with just one solution!
HIT of the Year 2023 award from Gazeta Bankowa
5+ years of experience in the leasing sector
50+ leasing specialists in dedicated team

Meet DLP — a solution to automate your leasing process across different sales channels

The platform is designed specifically for leasing companies looking to increase the share of their digital channel services and acquire new partners. Digital Leasing Platform generates a number of benefits for all three parties of the process: leasing companies, partners and end customers.



Use any sales channel – online, mobile, partner channel, mixed.


A visual and intuitive interface for process modelling and launch.


A micro-frontend architecture to customise the DLP to the needs of your company.


Easy integration with other services through REST API: fast, coherent, flexible data sharing.
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Do you want to implement DLP components in your company?


Key modules and functionalities

Process Management and Control arrow

Process Management and Control

The module enables you to continuously monitor and analyse all active processes (or series of processes).

You can use it to check process lifecycles, discover bottlenecks, identify stages that take longer than expected and stages at which customers decide not to continue with the process.

Reporting, analysis, testing arrow

Reporting, analysis, testing

The module generates operational and management reports and sends data to data warehouses and BI analytics tools.

It enables you to test and compare processes, including within the framework of A\B testing.

Form and document generator arrow

Form and document generator

The module allows you to generate even the most advanced forms and share them with your customers without any need for coding.

Hot deploy arrow

Hot deploy

The module allows you to optimise processes in real time. Changes can be deployed even in production.

Product catalogue arrow

Product catalogue

The module allows you to align your leasing products (e.g., car or radio and TV equipment leasing) with relevant processes, templates, documents or forms.


The most important benefits of deploying
Digital Leasing Platform

The lessors

Banks and other
financial institutions.

  • Reaching a wide audience;
  • Easy to add new e-commerce partners;
  • Intuitive process management (visual interface);
  • No-code form generation and release through any channel;
  • Quick document generation and signing (PDFs, watermarks, signature files, data autocomplete, digital signature);

Stationary stores
and e-commerce partners.

  • Easy way to finance products via leasing (new sales path);
  • Opening up to a new customer segment;
  • Fast and easy deployment (plug-in or dedicated API);
  • Ability to incorporate product insurance costs into leasing premiums.

and individual clients.

  • Easy, safe and convenient product financing: directly at a partner’s office, in a physical location, or 100% online;
  • No need for stacks of paper-based documents;
  • Ability to apply and follow through with the process at any place and time and via any channel (web/mobile).

Tap the benefits of the platform


See how we help clients from your industry

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BNP Paribas Development of a new insurance sales path

We faced the challenge of improving the online sales of banking products without the need to submit paper applications. We have digitized over 30 processes.

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Santander Consumer Bank Development of a new online sales path for financial products

We have created and implemented a solution that supports the application form and software that manages the process of applying for a cash loan. It’s resulted in a tenfold increase in loan sales.

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mBank​​. Development of a system for service of the covered bond collateral registry

We have developed a system for servicing the covered bond collateral register and generating a covered bond collateral account. The time of registration of a covered bond improved by 20%.

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Liberty Bank. IT Consulting & update of the IT strategy

The consultations ended with a high-quality IT strategy, developed within the prescribed period, despite the imposed time pressure.

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