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IT strategy - Altkom Software & Consulting

IT strategy

IT audits - Altkom Software & Consulting

IT audits

Vendor or system selection - Altkom Software & Consulting

Vendor or system selection

Strategia - Altkom Software & Consulting

IT strategy

  • Do you already have defined business goals? Need to choose and plan IT solutions within your budget?
  • Has your company not adopted any IT measures for a long time? And has this prompted you to make suitable investments in IT?
  • Do you want to develop your business with IT effectively? Do you also want to choose the optimal direction of development, taking into account new technologies and solutions?

We prepare an IT strategy for the development and security of your business:

  • First, we identify your business objectives and the current status of your IT department, solutions and infrastructure.
  • Next, we inform you of our findings and provide possible strategies so you can decide the direction of development and its time frame.
  • The next stage is to prepare a list of measures providing IT, organisational or infrastructural solutions to achieve your business objectives.
  • Following that, we prepare a business case, measure the benefits, and help you implement this plan. We take care of the proper implementation of individual measures.
  • After that, we prepare the appropriate processes and tools.
  • Finally, we work with you to adapt the measures to the changes in your business objectives.

As a software house, we are practitioners. We will tailor a strategy to the needs of your organisation.

Advice on IT strategy

Advice on IT strategy - Altkom Software & Consulting

IT audits - Altkom Software & Consulting

IT audits

  • Do you want to streamline your IT to find what processes, teams, projects, systems and equipment need to be changed?
  • Do you want to know if IT generates costs that are too high? Want to know why it does not adequately support business development?
  • Do you need to determine the profitability of planned IT projects?
  • Do you want to ensure the solutions created by IT do not need significant investments soon?
  • Do you know your IT problems well, but also need practical solutions that we can implement quickly?

We audit the necessary elements of IT infrastructure. We identify the problems and the steps to solve them effectively:

  • First, we identify your expectations and expected audit results.
  • Next, we prepare a framework audit plan and agree on the list of participants with you.
  • The next stage is to prepare the initial diagnosis based on questionnaires, interviews or analysis of available materials.
  • We then discuss results with you and determine the elements which require further audit activities to ensure that the recommendations you implement are most beneficial.
  • Following that, we prepare a detailed description of the problems we have encountered regarding the source data. We also describe the implications of these problems for your organisation both from an IT and business perspective.
  • After that, we develop a list of recommendations to solve the problems and support ethical practices and provide you with a clear report containing all this information.
  • Finally, we prepare the short- and long-term plans of action in line with the character of your organisation aimed at the effective implementation of the recommendations.
  • The tasks we prepare are the solutions ready to use the next day after the audit.
  • If you need support, we help you put the plan into practice.

Our team of auditors combines recognised auditing practices with experience in implementing complex custom software development projects utilising modern technologies.

Through this, we assess the problems from a practical point of view —our recommendations based on the criterion of implementation.

Advice on IT Audit

Advice on IT Audit - Altkom Software & Consulting

Advice on IT Audit - Altkom Software & Consulting

Vendor or system selection - Altkom Software & Consulting

Vendor or system selection

  • Do you want to buy a new IT system but not know how?
  • Do you want to be sure you are making the right choice?
  • Do you want to be sure the requirements described in the procurement procedure will generate the best solution?

We help you to make the optimal choice of the IT system:

  • First, we define areas and processes within your company to be supported by the new system.
  • Next, we help you draw up and prioritise your requirements list about functionality and technical issues. We suggest conditions we think are appropriate for you and recommend the shape of the selection process for the new system, including the solution evaluation methodology.
  • The next stage is to simulate to verify the selection of assessment criteria and prioritisation of requirements to ensure that the selected solutions are the ones you need.
  • Finally, we then help you to choose the optimal solution efficiently and effectively: we prepare solution evaluation sheets, clarify doubts with suppliers, analyse offers and prepare recommendations.

Our support will ensure that we make the best choice. In our work, we see things from the other party, so we know how to formulate enquiries to avoid future misunderstandings and delays between vendor and client.

Advice on system selection

Advice on system selection - Altkom Software & Consulting

Chosen project experience

Podium - Altkom Software & Consulting

Chose project:


Liberty Bank (Geogia) 

Is the IT in the bank I manage appropriately organised and competent to effectively support business objectives?

The question asked by the President of the Bank was answered by presenting the recommendations of change compared to the current situation. The Bank received specific recommendations for successive implementation and gained annual savings of 15% of the total IT budget.

The recommendations included: IT work organisation (>200 employees), cooperation between IT and business, target architecture, several dozen key systems, and the optimisation of the use of owned hardware (several hundred servers) and licenses.



How to change the architecture of a critical monolithic application, operating within a limited budget, using the current competencies of the development team?

We recommended target and intermediate architecture together with a migration roadmap. An important aspect was to take into account the competence development of the team and adjust the migration plan to the realities of the organisation. Implementation of the changes is already underway.


Punkta (mFind) 

CIs the IT response to business needs optimal? What can we do to speed it up? 

Our auditors looked at the functioning of the agile process of creating IT solutions and the critical area of analysing and processing data from business partners. The presented recommendations have become an action plan for IT and business in the immediate future.



Will more programmers in the team help deliver the new system faster?

The Client received an objective recommendation of changes in the development process and the architecture of the critical system. Thanks to independent estimates of the workload of the planned system development, the Client verified the project budget and the work of subcontractors.


BNP Paribas

Who is responsible for errors in the operation of one critical component in the Bank’s system?

The Client discovered the source of the irregularities and received a proposal to change the architecture of the component. It’s effectively solved the problem. Seeing the further potential for efficiency gains, we passed on our suggestions as an inspiration for future use.


Bank BPS - Grupa BPS

Do we achieve our goals in IT? How to verify this regularly?

After the first audit of the efficiency and security of online and mobile banking performed for the Bank, the Client determined that the value of this recommendation was so high and decided to review it further periodically. Audits, which we perform in a 2-year cycle, are an excellent measure to check the achievement of the intended business objectives.


Seris Konsalnet

How should we build and develop our IT to achieve the company’s key business objectives within two years?

The Management Board needed an IT development strategy for the next two years which would adequately support the achievement of business objectives and ensure the security of IT solutions. In response, we prepared a range of necessary IT initiatives with a schedule, a proposal of changes in the IT structure and competences. We also created the process of strategy implementation management. The proposed first steps are already underway.


Credit Agricole

I am starting a business in a new country. I need to choose well the future vendor of a critical solution.

When starting the insurance business in Poland, the company’s Management Board needed to implement critical systems and purchase equipment quickly. Together with the Client’s experts, we prepared the requirements and carried out the vendor selection processes. In the next step, the Client also entrusted us with the supervision of the process of implementing the winning vendor’s solutions.


Polish National Medicine Approval Organisation

I need to implement an IT system in the area resulting from newly introduced legislation and within time limits specified therein.

The President of the Polish Medicine Approval Organisation, established by EU regulation, needed experienced IT specialists. They would quickly learn about the new rules and translate them into the requirements of the IT system and infrastructure, and then, within their budget, safely select the best solution. The Client’s satisfaction with the results of these works translated into continued cooperation and supervision over the implementation process.

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Artur Kret

Head of Consulting Team in Altkom Software & Consulting.

For over 20 years, he has been involved in IT systems analysis and IT consulting for the financial market and large enterprises. He is an experienced leader of project teams and is passionate about the identification of critical requirements and problems, and to find appropriate solutions.


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