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Build an application in Java - Altkom Software & Consulting

Build an application in Java

Automate and digitise processes in Java environment - Altkom Software & Consulting

Automate and digitise processes in Java environment

Audit Java architecture and applications - Altkom Software & Consulting

Audit Java architecture and applications

Modernise the Java environment - Altkom Software & Consulting

Modernise the Java environment

JAVA - Altkom Software & Consulting

Building an application in Java

We can create new solutions from the ground up and also expand existing systems. We implement our projects using an agile work methodology. We cooperate closely with our clients to understand their needs and the needs of the end-users of the application.
We take care of development starting from the conceptual phase, through the stages of analysis, development, testing, and then the maintenance stage.

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Automatyzacja - Altkom Software & Consulting

Automation and digitisation of processes in Java environment

The applications we build to automate business processes allow for the flexible expansion and configuration of these processes. They support a user friendly and unhindered monitoring of the functioning of the company.
We offer support in process modelling and use modern tools to understand better the substance of what we automate. We also carry out implementations of the Camunda BPM engine and its integration with the client’s systems.

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Java environment audit

We analyse whether the applied architectural, technical solutions and organisation of work processes around the software are optimal. We also provide short and long term recommendations that help to avoid problems with further development and the security of the Java systems.

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Modernizacja - Altkom Software & Consulting

Modernisation of Java environment

We successfully develop systems that are in dire need of an upgrade, and we do this in terms of technology, i.e. switching to newer and safer versions of tools and libraries and adapting the architecture to today’s challenges and the possibility to use the cloud.

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A comprehensive scope of works

We provide comprehensive support starting from the concept phase, through business analysis, architectural design, development, testing to the maintenance and expansion phases.

Optimal selection of technology and tools

We help you choose the technologies that will allow you to work effectively and ensure the security of further development.

Close cooperation

We use agile working techniques such as Event Storming and User Story Mapping to build a better understanding between the developers and users of the solutions.

Chosen project experience

Podium - Altkom Software & Consulting

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White Label

A modern centralised insurance system for property and life insurance that covers crucial business processes from sales to after-sales service, renewals, billing, loss adjustment, settlement and debt recovery.  The system is built in a microservice architecture using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, RabbitMQ, Angular and many other solutions allowing for high scalability, easy integration with business partners and quick introduction of new solutions for clients from the insurance industry.

Modular design and agile approach made it possible to launch the solution for the first product after just three months.

From the very beginning, we focused on the comprehensive configuration of both products and tariffs and the way to handle the policies or to configure sales paths. Our rules engine and form configurator allowed the introduction of new insurance products to the market without any programming work.


System Bancassurance

A central system for the Bancassurance company which was a tailor-made solution to allow comprehensive servicing of the entire life cycle of both life and property policies.

For over six years, it has been developed continuously, effectively supporting the development of our Client’s product range and supporting legal changes.

Currently, it operates in more than 500 bank facilities.


A workflow for an insurance company

With the help of our workflow platform, we efficiently automated the connected processes of an insurance company. The entire platform is based on the microservice architecture and the orchestration of the operations on the BPM Camunda engine. We used the RabbitMQ queuing system and highly efficient Apache Camel for integration with the Client’s systems. The users now have access to an ergonomic, flexible interface created with the use of Angular 8.

We carried out self-operating processes dealing with diverse communication, and support processes that require expert knowledge freeing employees from performing repetitive tasks.


Modernisation of the Questionnaire System

We modernised the system of collecting and evaluating medical questionnaires for a large insurance company breathing new life into a system that was created almost a decade ago. We freed the application from the heavy and maintenance-costly Liferay, moving the solution to a newer version of Java. The client gained greater security, a modern and user-friendly interface in the form of an Angular-based SPA, and greater efficiency provided by the latest versions of the JBoss Drools rules engine.

The modernised architecture better supports horizontal scaling and high availability. The system uses a distributed cache using Hazelcast.


Creating customer access management services and integrating key client systems

We built a login and account management system for one of the largest media companies in Poland using Spring Boot, MongoDB, Spring Data and Apereo CAS. We also supported the integration of the new access platform for customers with existing systems by building integration components using Mulesoft ESB.



Sales network management system

For our client in the insurance industry, we designed and built a sales network management system based on microservice architecture, Spring Boot, Angular and the Camunda BPM engine. As part of the project, we proposed a migration plan from a monolithic legacy system burdened with technical debt, to a modern architecture based on configurable processes. It enabled better monitoring of the organization’s work and its optimization. The introduced solution eliminated a lot of manual labour, increasing the efficiency of the departments using it.

We performed data migration and integrated our system with the client’s existing systems, minimizing the costs of changes in the old monolithic systems.


System for handling credit applications

In one of the largest international banks, we built and implemented a solution that allows the submission and handling of credit applications, instalment applications and new accounts opening by external users.

The system is based on the Camunda engine, and modern user interfaces are based on Angular 8. The integrations use Apache Camel and Kafka.

The entire application process is flexibly configurable at the BPMN flow level. Camunda orchestrates the integration with several client systems necessary for automatic or semi-automatic assessment of the credit application.


Fiscal management system

We developed a fiscal management system operating, among others, in one of the largest international shoe store chains.

The system consists of a central database and settings and client applications, operating on hundreds of checkout counters in various countries. The client part, a desktop Java application running on Linux, had to provide ergonomic operation using a touch screen and the use of peripherals such as barcode scanners or fiscal printers.  High flexibility was ensured through the use of OSGi-based modularisation. Data security was provided by multi-stage replication between local and central databases.

Also, the system ensured integration with the state fiscal systems that are required in individual countries.

An important new element in the system was the central management of points of sale with high resistance to interruption in communication, and with appropriate performance, which affects the reception of the store.

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