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Simplify developing and deploying microservices and serverless applications. Deliver faster with better quality. Build modern applications with Java.
Work with our experienced team of Micronaut to meet the challenges of cloud and microservices era.

Fast, efficient, reliable

Combining agile approach with new technologies like Micronaut, we offer fast, efficient and reliable development of modern software that will help your organization grow. With our “Software as a Journey” approach in building solutions, we deliver clients a real value – a product that business needs at a given time.

We are true micronauts

We are the true micronauts. We not only build apps with Micronaut, we support it, help make it better and spread the word in the Java community.

Blog posts

You can learn more about Micronaut on our blog:

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  • From Monolith to Microservices
  • Micronaut with RabbitMQ integration
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Our developers support Micronaut development from its initial release in 2018 by submitting issues and pull requests. We created a simplified insurance sales system made in a microservices architecture using Micronaut and published on GitHub.

Local JUG Presentations

We share our knowledge and experience with fellow developers by giving presentations on local Java User Groups and meetups.

Develop your applications with us to unleash the power of Java with Micronaut!

Familiar programming model - Altkom Software & Consulting

Familiar programming model

Micronaut offers a familiar programming model and is based on Java standards. Your developers can join our team quickly with the help of our senior staff and be productive from day one.

Compile time dependency injection and AOP - Altkom Software & Consulting

Compile time dependency injection and AOP

With compile-time dependency injection and AOP unique approach not available in any other Java framework, you get much less memory consumption, faster startup and execution time, and readable stack traces. It is especially important in cloud and containers era when each Mb/s counts!

Cloud Native - Altkom Software & Consulting

Cloud Native

With great support for major cloud providers and serverless platforms combined with fast startups and optimized memory usage Micronaut is an ideal solution for your cloud-based solutions.

Fast and easy testing - Altkom Software & Consulting

Fast and easy testing

With Micronaut, developers can spin up a test server instance in their unit tests in seconds. They no longer have to rely on stubs and mocks only to discover bugs when running in a production environment.

Microservice ready - Altkom Software & Consulting

Microservice ready

With “out of the box” features like service discovery, we distributed configuration, declarative reactive HTTP client, Open API support, distributed tracing support, Micrometer metrics monitoring support. You can set up and build fast, reliable and observable microservices in minutes.

We share our knowledge and experience

Speed of feature delivery is the key property of microservice-based architectures. We use this architectural style to deliver solutions faster […]
It’s been almost a year since our first blog post about Micronaut. We saw a big potential of this new […]
To 1.1.0.M1 version Micronaut did not have integration with RabbitMQ. We could use libraries that enabled integration with Apache Kafka […]

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