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We design, build, develop and migrate systems to microservice architecture.

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Microservices development

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Design and build - Altkom Software & Consulting

Design and build

build a new system in the microservice architecture.

Upgrade the existing system - Altkom Software & Consulting

Upgrade the existing system

develop a strategy and migrate to microservices.

Audit the architecture - Altkom Software & Consulting

Audit the architecture

assess the technical debt and prepare recommendations for the architecture.


Application development - Altkom Software & Consulting

Application development

We design and build a solution based on the microservice architecture that meets your business needs and provides efficiency, scalability, security, deployment automation and system monitoring.

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Upgrade the existing system, develop a strategy and migrate to microservices

We develop a strategy for the development of your systems with the possible use of microservice architecture. We plan and execute the migration for faster implementation of changes in key business areas of the system and to reduce technical debt without the need to replace obsolete systems completely.

Order application upgrade

Order application upgrade - Altkom Software & Consulting

Audit the architecture, assess the technical debt and prepare recommendations for the architecture

We assess the technical debt of the system, the state of its architecture and the prospects for further development. We develop recommendations and best practices to competently support your business through capable system architecture.

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Our comprehensive service to you from recognising the requirements specification through functional and architectural solutions definition to implementation, development and maintenance.


Our highly qualified specialists and teams have a wealth of experience in projects from industries like yours.


Our functional and technical solutions are proven through our other projects giving you extra peace of mind.


More efficient implementation of your project and the reduction of its costs.

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Core system White Label

We built a comprehensive solution based on Microservices for clients from the insurance industry. It included product configuration, tariff setting, policy management, renewals, underwriting, loss adjustment, document generation, communication with customers and partners, billing, premium settlement, sales network management and commission calculation. Microservices significantly improved the efficiency of and consolidated the work of many independent teams. We implemented the first sales processes for the production environment in three months, and the next processes and product lines in two-month cycles. Flexible Microservice architecture allows you to use selected White Label services in several situations, e.g. as a core system or an efficient and highly accessible front for direct or agency sales.

Tech stack:
Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Consul, ELK, Feign, Hystrix, Netflix Zuul, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch


A system for managing sales and after-sales processes – Digital Product Center

For clients from the financial industry, we created a great solution to manage sales and after-sales processes such as setting up accounts, processing credit applications, handling applications for the purchase of products, or modification of parameters of purchased products. We based the solution on the Microservice architecture and Camunda – a business process engine.

It consists of front-end services with configurable forms, services responsible for modelling the process and managing its execution using Camunda. Integration services based on Apache Camel to ensure communication with existing systems and services which collect data and feed reports available on a configurable dashboard. The system is highly accessible and scalable and processes thousands of applications daily.

Tech stack:
Java, Spring Boot, Camunda, Apache Camel, Apache Kafka, Hazelcast, Js Report, Angular, Mongo Db, Oracle.


An audit of the architecture and preparation of a development concept

For clients from the advertising industry, and as part of an audit of current solutions based on monolithic architecture, we designed a modernisation plan. We introduced appropriate modularisation for a final transition to Microservices using the .NET Core. We implemented the automation of the processes of system building, testing and deployment based on Azure DevOps.



A migration to Microservice architecture based on Camunda

For clients from the insurance industry, we developed a strategy to move from a monolithic architecture to Microservice architecture. We used Event Storming, User Story Mapping and Domain Driven Design to design a new architecture based on business processes supervised by the Camunda BPMN platform which coordinates the operation of area microservices to implement procedures within a given business area. The new microservices ensure more comfortable and faster development in key business areas and provide a modern UI and much improved UX. The new elements are integrated into existing systems so they can operate without the need to carry out a high migration from the old systems.

Tech stack:

Java, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Js Report, CAS, JWT Spring Security, Spring Cloud.


A workflow for an insurance company

We created a workflow platform to automate subsequent processes of an insurance company. The entire platform is based on the Microservice architecture. And the orchestration of the processes on the BPM Camunda engine.

We used the RabbitMQ queuing system and highly efficient Apache Camel for integration with the client’s systems. The users now have access to an ergonomic, flexible interface created with the use of Angular. We carried out self-operating processes dealing with diverse communication and support processes that require expert knowledge, and this freed employees from performing repetitive tasks.


Building microservices for printing and managing print templates

For clients from the insurance industry, we built and implemented microservices responsible for managing print templates and document generation. These microservices utilise Java, Spring Boot, Jasper Reports, Open Office, Spring Security Kerberos, Angular and Angular Material.

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