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We design, build and develop systems using Microsoft .NET technology.

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.NET development

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Build a system using .NET - Altkom Software & Consulting

Build a system using .NET

Upgrade your system using .NET - Altkom Software & Consulting

Upgrade your system using .NET

Migrate to the .NET Core - Altkom Software & Consulting

Migrate to the .NET Core

.NET - Altkom Software & Consulting

Application development

No project is too simple or too complicated for our team. Using the .NET Core technology together with the microservice architecture, we will create the perfect solution for your needs.

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Utrzymanie - Altkom Software & Consulting

Upgrade of system architecture and reduction of technical debt

We will assess a system, design a new architecture, plan and implement changes so that existing systems can achieve new business goals. We will help you to move to a microservice architecture, modular monolith as well as migration to Azure cloud.

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Migration to .NET core

We plan the migration of applications from .NET technology to the .NET Core

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How you benefit:


Our comprehensive service to you from recognising the requirements specification through functional and architectural solutions definition to implementation, development and maintenance.


Our highly qualified specialists and teams have a wealth of experience in projects from industries just like yours.


Our functional and technical solutions are proven through our other projects giving you extra peace of mind.


More efficient implementation of your project and the reduction of its costs.

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Podium - Altkom Software & Consulting

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A Modular ERP system for the largest training services provider in Poland

Tech stack:
.Net Core, Entity Framework, MS SQL Server 2016, Reporting Services and Angular.

We created an ERP system based on a modular architecture. The system supports management of the following:  organisation and handling of training courses and exams, company resources (rooms, coaches, equipment etc.), training courses and promotions,  fees and expenses, schedules and settlements of schedules with an allocation of costs, and the invoicing and notifications for participants. The system is integrated with MS Dynamics CRM and eLearning systems.


Bancassurance System

Central system for a company from the Bancassurance area. It is a tailor-made solution that allows comprehensive service for the entire life cycle of both life and property policies.

For over six years, it has been under constant development, effectively supporting the development of our client’s offer and servicing legal changes.

Currently, it operates in over 500 bank branches.


A Health insurance claim adjustment system for one of the largest health insurance companies in Europe

Tech stack:

.Net Framework, Windows Forms, MS SQL Server, Reporting Services and Angular.

We built a comprehensive, modular system for the adjustment of medical claims which was  designed to be supported over many years. The system was implemented in five countries, and stands out as having a flexible module which can define insurance products adapted to the needs of each country.


A Corporate billing system for one of the largest chains of medical facilities in Poland

Tech stack:

.Net Framework, Dapper, Entity Framework, MSMQ, NService Bus, MS SQL Server and ExtJS.

We designed and implemented a highly efficient, modular billing system that takes care of the settlement of medical service costs both in the subscription and pay-per-service models. This system integrates data from a number of sales and service systems and allows the managing of service price lists and contracts with customers. It handles the settlement of group contracts with companies that employ several thousand employees.


An Assistance fleet management and request handling system for one of the largest European insurance companies

Tech stack:

.Net Core, .Net Framework, ASP.NET MVC, WebSphere MQ, Web API, NHibernate, SignalR, Windows Forms, Google Maps and Angular.

We created a system using service-based architecture for the registration and handling of assistance requests for motor insurance which covers the process of handling the request from start to finish. It allows the monitoring of the work of assistance vehicles in real-time, assigns jobs to them, and monitors their progress using Google Maps. With this system, you can manage assistance vehicle work areas in graphic form,   and it also handles the settlement, invoicing and re-invoicing of the costs of services provided.


A Project for a start-up with a limited budget

Tech stack:

Azure Functions, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Tables, and Azure Cognitive Search

We created an Onstage mobile app using a serverless architecture. The challenge and priority were to implement the project in the planned limited budget by keeping infrastructure costs as low as possible.


Migration, integration and development in the cloud for a leading insurance company

Tech stack:

Azure Service Fabric and .NET Core

We built a premium calculation service for a leading insurer,  which is used in direct sales processes. The project involved migrating some solutions from the client’s internal infrastructure to the cloud and creating several new calculators. It also included the integration of new elements with the client’s core back-office systems remaining in its internal infrastructure.


Application development in the Azure environment

Tech stack:

Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queues and .NET Framework.

We created a comprehensive system for monitoring, forecasting and optimising energy consumption for businesses.


Azure DevOps in the advertising industry

We designed and implemented a modern Continuous Integration/Continuous Development solution based on Azure DevOps for a leading company in the advertising industry.

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Peace of mind - Altkom Software & Consulting

Peace of mind

We are continually developing, studying and testing new trends as a part of our R&D activities to recommend only proven solutions to our clients.

Effectiveness - Altkom Software & Consulting


We use only proven processes and methodologies and combine Agile Best Practices with a Cloud Adoption Framework experience.

Quality - Altkom Software & Consulting


Our specialists have more than a decade of experience behind them.  We develop our competences within our internal LAB and are certified Azure Certified Architects and Developers.

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I liked .NET technology from its inception. In fact I left the dark star of overxmlized J2EE development to join […]
I liked .NET technology from its inception. In fact I left the dark star of overxmlized J2EE development to join […]

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