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    Convert your business needs into dedicated software

    Tap the advantages of a modern approach to app development based on cloud-native architecture, microservices, containerisation, agile software and secure coding practices.
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    Our offer

    Let’s work on a software development project together

    Mobile and web apps arrow

    Mobile and web apps

    Analysing user requirements and expectations. Defining necessary app functions, solution design and UX/UI. App testing to ensure user security and high software quality. Improving app performance, page load time and ensuring code optimisation. We help you choose programming languages and technology. Our specialities are software for banking and software for insurance companies.

    Technologies: Android, IOS, React Native, Flutter, Java, .NET, C#, Spring, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js

    Cloud-native apps arrow

    Cloud-native apps

    Building apps based on a microservices. Automating deployment, monitoring and management. Ensuring app security at every stage, from container security to access control and authentication. We develop cloud-native apps ready for dynamic scaling. We ensure cost optimisation and solution security with a well-designed and configured cloud architecture. We work in the spirit of the DevOps culture.

    Technologies: AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, AWS Lambda, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD

    App modernisation arrow

    App modernisation

    Assessing existing app architecture ahead of modernisation (microservices, containerisation, cloud migration). Assessing technology in terms of updates and compliance with industry standards. Automating development processes through the deployment of the CI/CD pipeline. Evaluating the costs of app modernisation against business benefits.

    Technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, React, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, DevOps

    QA and performance arrow

    QA and performance

    Early bug detection and test automation. Preventing regression in software development and evaluating app performance with growing user numbers. Identifying security gaps and preparing infrastructure for business scaling.

    Manual and automated testing, API and load testing. We identify bugs and incompliances, improving software quality and performance.

    Technologies: Dynatrace, TestNG, Appium, Cypress

    Systems integration arrow

    Systems integration

    Securing data flow between systems. Using authentication, authorisation and encryption mechanisms. Ensuring the scalability of the integration in step with increasing system load. Integration testing and ensuring continuity in the event of failure. We help you select the standards and communication protocols and assist you in identifying the data and processes that need to be shared between systems.

    Technologies: Apache Camel, Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL

    IT Consulting

    We create IT strategies, provide consulting services and boost the security and efficiency of the entire software development process.

    Tell us how you want to work

    Proof of

    Small pilot project –
    building a specific software element or indicated functionality.

    Long-Term Partnership

    Constant support – creating dedicated software from scratch or a staged delivery of new functionalities.

    Maintenance & Support

    System oversight – system takeover and launch in the Altkom Software infrastructure. Repair, upgrades, maintenance.

    Team Building

    Pick the IT team you need

    Autonomous team

    A good choice if you only have a product owner on your side.

    We will provide an entire independent team (including developers, a scrum master, an analyst and testers) to perform the analysis, design the system, develop, test and deploy the software, and then provide ongoing maintenance services.

    Dedicated team

    Pick this model if you want to stay in charge of analytics, supervision and project management (i.e. you want to have your own project manager, analyst and product owner).

    We will provide a scrum team (including a tech leader, developers and testers), who will use your user stories to work on software development.

    Partnership software development
    Mixed team

    Choose this cooperation model if you care about the flexibility approach.

    Depending on your needs, we will provide one, several or even more than twenty experienced developers who will become an integral part of your team. Also let us know if you need other IT specialists (e.g. analysts, scrum masters or software testers).

    Enterprise team

    Hire us for your most elaborate projects. We will group our people into Tribes made up of max. five developer teams (each consisting of: a tech leader, a tester and several developers).

    Each Tribe will be working with a dedicated product owner. Depending on your needs, we can provide many such Tribes.

    Diagram showing the functioning of the different variants of IT teams: Autonomous team; Dedicated team; Mixed team; Enterprise team

    Learn more about team composition and project models (PoC, Long-Term-Partnership, Maintenance & Support)

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    See how we helped our clients

    All Case Studies

    Design and development of omnichannel processes

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for BNP Paribas

    Key results

    70% less time to solve reported problem.

    67% fewer errors in account opening request forms.

    over 30 processes digitised.

    See more

    Direct travel insurance sales platform with AIS

    Mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

    Key results

    less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

    acquisition of new group of clients.

    cost reduction and increase in sales.

    See more

    Maintenance and development of insurance systems

    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 5

    Key results

    higher savings.

    competitiveness boost.

    icrease of B2B customers’ satisfaction.

    See more

    Building an online logistics platform in cloud

    Prilo 5 1

    Key results

    increased accuracy of the budget estimation.

    launch in less than 12 months.

    high application availability.

    See more

    Automating internal processes with Camunda

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 5

    Key results

    MVP implementation in 3 months.

    2 big deployments.

    automation of 15 workflows.

    see more

    Find out what it will be like

    1. Handshake

    NDA; Project assessment; Cooperation proposal; Decision (go/no-go); Paperwork.

    2. Setup

    Communication (frequency/channels); Communication channels; VPNs; Reporting/business trips.

    3. Knowledge transfer

    Business workshops; Technology workshop; Technology training.

    4. Scrum development

    Initial transitional; Nearshore work; 2-4 week-long sprints; Deployment.

    5. Retrospective

    Feedback; Future plans; Goals and KPIs.


    Build dedicated software within an original framework

    Software as a Journey (SaaJ) is a comprehensive software development process that can be adapted to the needs of your project. It allows you to keep complete control over the quality, performance and accessibility of your solution, as well as your time and budget.


    Learn more about the 5 stages of software development with us

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    Lukasz Rauer
    quote blue

    We have many years of experience specialising in software development for various sectors. I can say with complete confidence that our work is crucial to the operation of many industries, such as leasing, banking and insurance.

    Our solutions don’t just help clients effectively manage their policies, digitise banking services or optimise logistics processes, but also contribute to increasing data security and improving customer service quality.

    Łukasz Rauer

    Head of Business Unit

    Tell us about your project if you value:


    We put up no barriers to communication. A project manager provides ongoing supervision and you can talk directly to our developers at any time.

    Partnership software development

    All project stages are delivered in accordance with a predefined schedule. We try to go out of our way to meet any extra needs you may have.


    With our framework, we eliminate all threats (such as exceeded project budgets and missed deadlines). We guarantee a reliable partnership.

    benefits-desktop benefits-mobile

    We work in compliance with global data processing security standards, as evidenced by our ISO 270001 certificate (accreditation centre: Alcumus ISOQAR).

    Tap our experience in custom enterprise software development

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