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    What service do you need?

    Choose Security Audit if:
    • You are planning to roll out new technologies or make changes to your IT infrastructure;
    • Your company has experienced a security incident;
    • You are getting ready for a merger, a new partnership or important organisational changes in your company;
    • You want to protect your reputation and reassure your customers that their data are secure and protected against all threats.
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    Choose an IT Strategy if:
    • You have defined business goals and budget but need to choose IT solutions and plan activities;
    • Lack of development and modernization of the IT area stops investments in innovation;
    • You want to develop a business using new and existing technologies but need support in defining the work directions.
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    What can you gain from a Security Audit?

    You will get a thorough assessment of your IT system risks and a strategy to help you minimise these threats. Thanks to an IT audit, your organisation will be better prepared to respond to any potential future security incidents.


    Discover the benefits of Security Audit

    Architecture analysis

    Diagnose current architecture status and define your target architecture.

    Value Added
    • Detect potential gaps and vulnerabilities in your current IT architecture;
    • Identify areas in need of modernisation;
    • Prepare your IT architecture for future changes;
    • Improve your use of resources, reduce operating costs.
    Security tests

    Get a practical assessment of your security mechanisms in place.

    Value Added
    • Test your IT system capability for defence against attacks (penetration tests);
    • Ensure compliance with legal regulations (compliance tests);
    • Detect and eliminate app vulnerabilities (app security tests).
    Cloud security

    Identify security vulnerabilities in the cloud environment.

    Value Added
    • Improve your identity and access management mechanisms;
    • Identify any ineffective use of cloud resources and optimise your costs;
    • Ensure compliance with legal regulations.

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    IT Strategy

    The involvement of our technology experts leads to the development of a plan focused on achieving business goals. The plan includes the expected state of the IT organization, a list of necessary initiatives, and a list of areas where the technology does not match the desired results.


    Discover the benefits of IT

    Assessment of current IT environment

    Considering account the factors and risks and their impact on business results in the future.

    Value Added
    • Understanding real IT capabilities and operations;
    • Indication of discrepancies between business goals and strategy and IT operations;
    • Identification of hotspots, threats, problems and challenges.
    Options and IT Initiatives roadmap

    Roadmap, including initial diagnosis, possible strategies, and list of initiatives in the IT area.

    Value Added
    • An iterative approach ensuring that IT strategy is embedded in business realities;
    • An executable IT Strategy and realistic roadmap;
    • Description of the business case and assessment/measurement of potential benefits.
    Support in Strategy Implementation

    Preparation of processes and tools and periodic reviews in case of a change in business goals.

    Value Added
    • Ongoing assessment of progress measured against agreed criteria;
    • IT strategy is constantly adapted to changing business goals.

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    See how we helped our clients

    All Case Studies

    Comprehensive audit and IT strategy

    Mockup of audit for Liberty Bank - Altkom Software's case study

    Key results

    2022-2024 IT strategy

    15% savings on IT annual budget.

    milestones achieved under great time pressure.

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    Design and development of omnichannel processes

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for BNP Paribas

    Key results

    70% less time to solve reported problem.

    over 30 processes digitised.

    67% fewer errors in account opening request forms.

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    Direct travel insurance sales platform with AIS

    Mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

    Key results

    less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

    acquisition of new group of clients.

    cost reduction and increase in sales.

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