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    What service do you need?

    Choose IT Due Diligence if:

    • You are selling a company, and you want to be well-prepared for this transaction;
    • You are planning to buy another company, and you need to assess the risk in the IT area;
    • You are starting a new job as CIO/CTO and want to understand the current state of IT operations.

    Choose an IT Strategy if:

    • You have defined business goals and budget but need to choose IT solutions and plan activities;
    • Lack of development and modernization of the IT area stops investments in innovation;
    • You want to develop a business using new and existing technologies but need support in defining the work directions.

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    IT Due Diligence

    As an experienced Software Development Company, we offer an in-depth audit of the organization’s technological operations, i.e. the team, processes, governance, infrastructure, architecture and other aspects to identify and solve the company’s technological problems.


    Discover the benefits of IT Due

    Sell Side
    Due Diligence

    The company being offered for sale is subject to Due Diligence analysis upon the actual owner’s (seller) request.

    Value Added
    • Identification of issues critical to the success of the transaction before engaging the buyer;
    • Avoid underestimation of transactions;
    • Professional AS-IS description as input to sell memorandum (e.g. IPO documents);
    • Better streamlined as well as more optimized due diligence process for the buyer.
    Buy Side
    Due Diligence

    The company being acquired (target offered for sale) is subject to Due Diligence analysis upon potential buyer request.

    Value Added
    • Comprehensive understanding of the entire IT environment;
    • Assessment of current and future transaction risk related to the IT area;
    • Identification of critical obstacles in the transaction (so-called red flags and deal-breakers);
    • Define synergies/leverage opportunities;
    • Transaction price verification.
    Opening State Assessment

    IT operations are subject to Due Diligence analysis upon the newly assigned CTO/IT Director/IT manager’s request.

    Value Added
    • Comprehensive understanding of actual IT operations;
    • Identification of pain points, risks and issues, and challenges which need to be addressed;
    • Create a roadmap of IT initiatives/identification.

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    IT Strategy

    The involvement of our technology experts leads to the development of a plan focused on achieving business goals. The plan includes the expected state of the IT organization, a list of necessary initiatives, and a list of areas where the technology does not match the desired results.


    Discover the benefits of IT

    Assessment of current IT environment

    Considering account the factors and risks and their impact on business results in the future.

    Value Added
    • Understanding real IT capabilities and operations;
    • Indication of discrepancies between business goals and strategy and IT operations;
    • Identification of hotspots, threats, problems and challenges.
    Options and IT Initiatives roadmap

    Roadmap, including initial diagnosis, possible strategies, and list of initiatives in the IT area.

    Value Added
    • An iterative approach ensuring that IT strategy is embedded in business realities;
    • An executable IT Strategy and realistic roadmap;
    • Description of the business case and assessment/measurement of potential benefits.
    Support in Strategy Implementation

    Preparation of processes and tools and periodic reviews in case of a change in business goals.

    Value Added
    • Ongoing assessment of progress measured against agreed criteria;
    • IT strategy is constantly adapted to changing business goals.

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    All case studies

    mBank​​. Development of a system for service of the covered bond collateral registry

    We have developed a system for servicing the covered bond collateral register and generating a covered bond collateral account. The time of registration of a covered bond improved by 20%.

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    Crédit Agricole. Developing an online portal for direct sales of travel insurance

    Thanks to the proprietary Altkom Insurance Suite solution, the system was created in less than two months and allowed to increase sales by several dozen percent.

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    Liberty Bank. IT Consulting & update of the IT strategy

    The consultations ended with a high-quality IT strategy, developed within the prescribed period, despite the imposed time pressure.

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