Software maintenance

Stop worrying about legacy technologies! Java 1.4-1.6, .NET in unsupported versions, outdated application servers, old versions of libraries, Hibernate, C / C ++, Delphi, Cobol, Scala, PHP and many more.

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Software maintenance

What are your plans for the legacy?

Wind down and phase out - Altkom Software & Consulting

Wind down and phase out

Migrate to new technologies - Altkom Software & Consulting

Migrate to new technologies

Carry on using with minimal, necessary changes - Altkom Software & Consulting

Carry on using with minimal, necessary changes

We’d be happy to help if you find yourself in a situation where:

Software maintenance makes it impossible for you to carry out ongoing business projects

It is becoming increasingly difficult for you to find specialists with the required competencies

You’re facing increasing costs for maintenance projects

You were left without the support of the developers of one of your systems

Working with us will give you

Security - Altkom Software & Consulting


A team of specialists will take care of the efficiency of your systems in a 24/7 and restrictive SLA mode.

Business development - Altkom Software & Consulting

Business development

You free up your and your team’s time for new and strategic projects.

Savings - Altkom Software & Consulting


You do not have to pay for the recruitment and maintenance of expensive specialists.

Order in applications - Altkom Software & Consulting

Order in applications

Complete the missing documentation, plans and recommendations for optimal migration or exit strategies for you.

Range of services:

We adjust our range of services depending on the adopted strategy of approach to legacy systems

Dedykowane oprogramowanie - Altkom Software & Consulting

Wind down and phase out

You’re winding down the legacy system because you’re implementing a new solution. You keep the legacy system to a minimum.

Our services include:

  • Maintainance your legacy system: entry evaluation, critical error fixing, minor development, e.g. changes required by law.
  • Maintenance of infrastructure elements used by the system: installation of necessary OS patches, databases, application servers and website

Migrate to new technologies

You’re changing the system technology to be able to implement modern solutions.

Our services include:

  • Development of the target architecture and migration strategy (e.g. semi-automatic, manual) – migration plan (e.g. module by module, all at once)
  • Support in the implementation of the migration plan (e.g. code review, supplier supervision) – or migration (e.g. migrating key components or complete migration)

Metody - Altkom Software & Consulting

Rozwiązania - Altkom Software & Consulting

Carry on using with minimal, necessary changes

You’re using the existing solution, limiting yourself to only critical changes. You’re improving repetitive user activities via Robotic Process Automation.

Our services include:

  • Maintainance of your legacy system: entry evaluation, fixing bugs, minor development, e.g. changes required by law
  • Maintenance of infrastructure elements used by the system: installation of necessary OS patches, databases, application servers and website
  • Improving manual, repetitive user activities with RPA tools: analysis and selection of RPA tools, using bots that automate the most time-consuming or error-prone activities


We have comprehensive procedures, practices and skills that support the entire transition process, from learning about the client’s IT environment or application to finally taking control of it and providing support and development services.

Portfolio - Altkom Software & Consulting


1. Portfolio evaluation

This includes an analysis of the client’s IT environment and expectations regarding the results of cooperation and maintaining critical parameters.

We will analyse your systems

1. Portfolio evaluation

2. Transition management

We prepare for taking full control over the systems. With each subsequent step, we expand our knowledge about the adopted solution – system analysis along with documentation, reconstructing and testing it in our environment, fixing bugs, after which we are ready to provide services on the terms stipulated in the contract. We introduce a “smooth” takeover of the system and spend some time supporting current maintenance operations or simply bypass the intermediate stage.

Order our maintenance

2. Transition management

3. Application management

A deep understanding of the systems we take over helps us to ensure their further development by the best software development practices. We prefer agile working methods as they are the most effective at reducing project risk, providing control over the management process as well as an ongoing overview of overall progress.

Consult with the maintenance of your application

3. Application management


Selected projects for reference:

  • Axa Group – since 2006, support in maintaining over ten applications implemented in various countries.
  • Allianz Global Assistance United Kingdom – since 2009, maintenance and development of more than 20 systems, including ones require strict SLA conditions for critical transactional systems.
  • BP EUROPA SE – since 2002 maintenance of external systems, including those transferring data between various databases used by the organization.
  • Valeo Service – since 2007, maintenance and development of 7 third-party applications supporting production processes.
  • Medicover – since 2008, maintaining the POS system of another supplier and developing it by adding new modules.

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Why Altkom Software and Consulting

Our proven process and own methodology - Altkom Software & Consulting

Our proven process and own methodology

We can take on dozens of different systems at the same time and do so effectively.

Experience - Altkom Software & Consulting


Most of our projects involve contracts running 10 years and more.

Quality - Altkom Software & Consulting


Confirmed references from several projects in various industries and technologies.

Competence - Altkom Software & Consulting


A dedicated team of programmers specialising in maintenance services.

Security - Altkom Software & Consulting


Every single project delivered on time and to specification.


What is the cost and time of taking over to maintain the software following your transition process?

We cannot dimension these service parameters without knowledge of the system. The scale of the project determines the cost and time. In particular, the number of systems taken over and their complexity. It’s, in turn, affects the size of the dedicated team. In a single application, the transfer can take up to 2-3 weeks. However, for a typical project, i.e. covering several to several applications, it is necessary to set up a few months. Of course, to obtain detailed data for assessing your situation, please contact us.

Do the technologies listed above exhaust your range of maintenance services? Will you undertake projects in other programming languages?

We approach each project individually. Usually, a regular team specialized in this type of projects master most systems. Where unique competencies are needed, we use the experience and resources of Altkom Experts to supplement the team with the necessary specialists quickly.

The industry in which we operate requires high quality support and an individual approach. How do you approach specific clients?

Most of our projects concern the financial sector, where the strictest SLA conditions apply. Support services are scoping on ITIL standards. We set all parameters as to the scope and reaction time with the client.

We share our knowledge and experience

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Paweł Szutowicz - Altkom Software & Consulting

Paweł Szutowicz

Team Leader of the Systems Integration and Maintenance Team

Has 20 years of experience in projects for maintaining and developing legacy systems. Paweł worked for clients from various industries and covering many technologies, mostly with quite a considerable technological debt.