Insurance sales solution

Double conversion thanks to multicalculation! Check how you can increase your sales effectiveness and reach your customers faster with new products.

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Insurance sales solution

What's your insurance products sales strategy:

Sales First - Altkom Software & Consulting

Sales First

You will quickly introduce new insurance products to your portfolio — designed by you or your business partners. You will efficiently start selling them via any channel. You do not need to involve developers for most of these tasks.

Multichannel First - Altkom Software & Consulting

Multichannel First

You will be able to easily open new sales channels. You will create a dedicated offer for each channel, which even those inexperienced in the sale of financial services will be able to sell without the need for training courses on system use.

Digital First - Altkom Software & Consulting

Digital First

You will minimize the use of paper documents forever. You will create new possibilities for digital communication with your clients.

User and Client satisfaction First - Altkom Software & Consulting

User and Client satisfaction First

Your employees and partners will appreciate the user-friendly and intuitive system and clients the comfort and speed of service.


In 30 seconds

Your client will receive multiple variants of insurance calculation

In 5 days

From the moment of developing the idea you will start selling the new product

In 2-5 months

You will implement our system and start the sales in various channel

We give your clients a choice of the best insurance offer

from multiple variants of offers of your company and your partners.

We value their time

we shorten the time of filling forms to a minimum

We will fulfill expections regarding contact form

regarding the form of contact with your seller – “direct” or “direct to customer”


Insurance sales solution includes functionalities such as:

Inżynierowie - Altkom Software & Consulting

  • Full support for sales processes
  • Multiple offers — presentation of multiple variants of offers along with premium rates
  • Communication with the sales network
  • The possibility of integration with multiple product systems
  • Monitoring of sales results


Depending on the individual needs, we will adjust the functional scope of the system and implement innovative AI solutions, including: chat-bots, machine learning.

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Krzysztof Warechowicz

Director of IT Department and Organizational at Credit Agricole Insurances

Project realisation enabled launching new sales channel, and as a result contributed to minimize cost of insurance sales and increased sales of travel products.


Jacek Jabłoński

IT Department Director, Postal Insurances

All services provided by the supplier are in accordance with the contract and expectations of the Postal Insurance. During the cooperation Altkom shows a high level of professionalism and knowledge of business process, technology and specific needs of the insurance market.

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