White Label - insurance core system

White Label is an insurance core system for life and non-life insurance. Supports insurance business processes: from products modelling offered through the sales path, premium calculation and policy handling, to claims.

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White Label

Awarded in 2018

Hit of the Year award in 2018 in the technological competition of "Gazeta Bankowa" in the category of "Insurance and Other Financial Institutions"

Hit roku - Altkom Software & Consulting

International background

Mapa - Altkom Software & Consulting

White Label is based on knowledge and experience of the Altkom Group gained in previous international core systems deployments for insurance companies. We have been implementing solutions for Clients from Europe and America since 2002.

White Label is based on the following project areas where we have gained international experience:

  • 9 implementations in 6 countries of core life, non-life and health system
  • 4 implementations of motor claims system
  • 2 implementations (exclusive licence) of bancassurance core system
  • Broker portal for handling group policies
  • Direct sales portals

Our strengths are:

  • Understanding the specificity of international Customer market
  • Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements in different countries
  • Consistent working standards in relations with Customer teams
  • Ability to work in multicultural, dispersed project teams

White Label Modules

Products modules:

Product Configuration
  • Launching new, simple products without IT involvement or more complicated ones using only analytical skills, no development required
  • Products simulation using test environment
  • Import of new versions without application restart
  • Mapping construction of insurance products in the system
  • Intuitive and complex products configuration
  • Loading parametrization files with a new product definition
  • Possibility to prepare a product „from scratch” or modify existing one
  • Separation of sales path definition from actuarial definition (back-office)
  • Modification of print templates without IT involvement: depending on products, sales channels, networks
Sales Front End
  • Various sales channels, e.g. agents, long-channel (non-professional brokers), direct, call center
  • One actuarial definition (back-office) enables presentation of many marketing “products” on different sales paths
  • Full support for sales processes of individual and group, life and non-life, in-house and external products (e.g. multiagency, reinsurance, co-insurance)
  • One, consistent view for offer presentation across multiple products and variants (multi-calculation)
  • Possibility to modify parameters of offered product and real-time premium recalculation
  • Policy changes support: annexes, renewals, cancellations
  • Support of SMS and e-mail communication channels allowing to send documents associated with the policy or offer
  • Tariff configuration for simple products without IT involvement
  • Autonomous pricing algorithms definition for calculations in sales and handling processes
  • Tariff & marketing discounts, surcharges, legal clauses
  • Discount codes, bundled offers
  • Full support for handling large amounts of data needed for calculations and corrections

Claims and subrogation module:

Claims, subrogation, legal case
  • Operations management and control of services beginning with registration, through verification of insurance coverage, claim evaluation by appraiser to compensation, claims settlements to case termination
  • Automatic verification of authenticity of claim based on data from the policy and those collected on site (date of the event, scope of covered risks, percentage of policy excess etc.)
  • Set up a list of tasks and notifications that will be automatically generated based on the occurrence of a specific event
  • Logic of detecting a potential fraud or abuse
  • Generating payments and their integration with financial clearing systems
  • Support for insurance subrogation process
  • Support for management of premium collection process
  • Support for workflow and document flow process

Operational module:

Operational processes management

Effective Date of Operation
Possibility to perform all operations simultaneously (e.g. uninterrupted sales of products during the month closing process).
Automatic Process Management
In case of incorrectly performed operation – access to business and technical logs with possibility to re-execute the process.
Operation withdrawal
Possibility to undo any operation caused by user error (e.g. incorrect annex, policy termination). Every withdrawn operation is registered in the system for audit purposes.

Policy administration and Electronic Archives
  • Central repository containing necessary information about the parties involved in the processes supported by the system (e.g. insurer, policy holder)
  • Access to all policy and claim documents as well as policy life cycle
  • 360-degree policy view – Access to a complete policies portfolio in one consistent view
  • Processes automation: policy annual renewal, renewal offer, indexation and policy mass-changes handling
Debt collection
  • Payments monitoring and debt repayment support
  • Support of soft and hard debt collection
  • Ability to conditionally configure debt collection paths and customers communication channels
Document flows and correspondence
  • Printing templates and content management for all stages of offer as well as after-sales process
  • Multi-channel communication support (e-mail, sms, letter)
  • Automated mass correspondence handling
  • Support for digitization, scanning, OCR

Accounting and finance Modules

Subsidiary ledger
  • Data collection for each transaction (premiums written, collections, commissions, compensations, reserves, reinsurance)
  • Support of analytical accounts based on accounting plans defined
  • Synthetic records generation to general ledger
  • Support for End of Day process – current operations performance and dynamic reporting
  • Support for End of Month process – linking business operations with account posting
Premiums and settlements
  • Definition of premium amounts for applications, policies and certificates
  • Collection management, reclassification and returns
  • Sum insured and premium reserves service
  • Automatic identification of premium collection with policy account and allocation on each risk
Commission and sales structure
  • Definition of sales channels and commission models
  • Groupable structure of dispersal sales
  • Commissions’ calculation
  • Remuneration payments and return service
  • Support for many commission beneficiaries
  • Automation of commission corrections in case of untimely closing of policy
Calculation engine
  • Calculation engine – a complex tool for all types of calculation
  • Support for calculation procedures for reserves, discounts and non-standard commissions
  • Creating new calculation procedures without vendor support
  • Handling control-checks calculation for co-insurance products

Co-insurance and reinsurance Modules:

Co-insurance and reinsurance
  • Full support for product offering process in co-insurance and reinsurance model, as well as multiagency (without risk participation)
  • Settlements handling and exchange of data with other insurance companies

Reporting Modules:

  • Analysis of data stored in the system and collection of statistical data
  • Possibility to create own calculation models and dynamic result presentations
    Business reporting.
  • Possibility of preparing business data sets and integration with external reporting engine (e.g. JasperReports)
  • Financial planning. Report module covering the planning process (creating new, modifying existing) and repository of financial plans (including their versioning)
  • Products reporting. Reporting sales, profitability, risk, etc divided into group of products

Key features of our solution

1. SIMPLE and INTUITIVE = no training required!

  • friendly for professional and „amateur” sales rep

2. RELIABLE = 24/7

  • performing hundreds of calculations per hour
  • modelled on banking standards of availability and reliability

3. SALES FIRST = sell from tomorrow!

  • present multiple products on sales front-end (e.g. seasonal or for professional groups) based on one actuarial definition
  • just 1 day time-to-market for new product launch on sales front-end

4. TIME-TO-MARKET = 1-3 months!

  • for one of our Customers new tourist product in direct channel was implemented in 2 months (incl. integration with external core)
  • for another Customer average time for implementation of 7 products was 1,7 months/product

5. TIME TO OFFER = max. 30sec.!

  • motor insurance pricing requires only 2 data (plate number and postal code) or QR code scan from vehicle registration certificate
  • calculations volume has been doubled in the same sales channel within just 3 months after go-live

6. TIME TO ISSUE POLICY = max. 3min.!

  • sales process for motor insurance ends with payment via e.g. cash, bank transfer, credit card, financial services provider


  • presents offer of different products (or brands) based on multi-calculation
  • conversion ratio growth for new business by several dozen %
  • based on data presented above similar renewal ratio growth is predicted


  • insurance products of different companies (brands) can be sold within one sales path
  • additional revenue thanks to: in-house riders added to third-party insurance products, risks bundled from different insurance companies and more attractive, extended product range


  • the only system that supports entire insurance activity range
  • fragmentarily, in a range of needed functionalities


  • sales path configuration without IT specialists involvement
  • separate sales front branding for different channels and partners
  • numerous of user-friendly configuration tools

11. IMPLEMENTATION TIME = max 1 year!

  • sales via front-end in 2-6 months
  • full core implementation in about 1 year


  • project can be purely „business”, without investment costs
  • possible implementation scenarios: cloud, hosting, on-premises
  • choice of licensing models: subscription (period fee), for system events (SaaS, pay as you use), classic implementation agreement


  • latest, stable versions of software components and technologies
  • security of development and maintenance
  • independence from Altkom (ASC)


  • work from any place through web browser
  • front-, back-office web interface
    external partners portals
  • front-, back-office web interface
    external partners portals


  • production references on request

Success story

TUW - Altkom Software & Consulting

Project phases in White Label

Business needs

Due to launching of insurance activity in life as well as significant remodelling and development in non-life branch, the decision has been made to replace two legacy systems with Altkom’s White Label solution.

Lets analyse your business needs

Business needs


Fulfilling business and technical needs:

  • life and non-life products available in one front-end
  • sales of motor products of different co-insurers on one sales path
  • new sales path configuration within few days
  • new product implementation in 1-2 months
  • system reliability in performing hundreds of calculations per hour
  • simplicity for mass selling in postal branches (without dedicated training)
  • perform data migration process in a way that provides business operational continuity

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White Label core system was implemented to fully support front- and back-office insurance processes for life and non-life companies, policy migration from legacy systems and insurance products parameterisation. White Label was delivered with modern front-ends that enable to configure sales paths based on product definitions from the modeller.

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Opinions about White Label


Jacek Jabłoński

IT director Postal Insurances

After market research and analysis, we have decided to choose Altkom’s insurance system. The decision was mainly driven by completeness of the solution (end2end), ease of its adaptation to our business model as well as provider flexibility in supporting our needs


Postal insurances

The main reason why we chose Altkom was its long-term experience in providing IT solutions dedicated to insurance market

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