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    Automating online
    e-commerce loan approval processes: a case study of Santander Consumer Bank

    Project information

    What was the goal of the project?

    The project involved the development and deployment of an online solution, integrated with e-commerce stores, for handling loan request forms to finance the purchase of goods. Santander Consumer Bank hired Altkom Software to provide a comprehensive Camunda-based solution. To deliver the project, we relied on our own product, Digital Product Center, which is based on Camunda, but significantly improves the speed and efficiency of process automation and new feature deployment.

    Project duration

    Since 2019. Project in maintenance and development phase.



    • Automation workflow

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    About the client

    Who did we help?

    Santander Consumer Finance is a leading company in the consumer finance sector, active in 16 countries across Europe. More than 14,500 employees provide finance products and services to 18 million clients in 130,000 branches and partner outlets.

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    Key challenges

    What were the biggest challenges of the project?

    Santander Consumer Bank identified three key needs in its online banking channel and decided to:

    • Streamline instalment loan sales and cash loan servicing processes;
    • Reduce the involvement of its Call Centre employees in loan sales processes;
    • Enable the fast deployment of a new online product, a cash loan available both to current and new clients;
    • Collect information about clients who abandoned a loan request form midway.
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    Our solution

    How did we address the challenge?

    • Our Digital Product Center was integrated with the bank’s systems via a dedicated user login service;
    • A service bus allowed us to pick up information from a scoring engine and decision engine, send out text and e-mail messages to clients, and confirm the status of ID-verification payments;
    • Process management was handled by the Camunda engine;
    • A modular and scalable architecture allowed DPC to quickly respond to the changing business needs of Santander Consumer Bank.
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    Our work

    What did our cooperation look like?


    System requirement analysis

    We analysed the system requirements for two independent solutions: instalment and cash loan request systems.


    Process modelling

    We deployed our Digital Product Center to enable business process modelling and optimization.


    Instalment loan system development

    We developed and deployed a solution for processing instalment loan request forms.


    Cash loan system development

    We designed and deployed a solution for processing cash loan request forms.


    System Integration

    We integrated our new solutions with other bank systems.

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    Key results

    What did we achieve?

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    Access to statistics and analytics allowing request forms to be modified.

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    A tenfold growth in loan sales.

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    Control over abandoned request forms and ability to focus on improving conversion rates.

    TECH stack

    What technologies did we use?

    Camunda BPM

    Digital Product Center



    Oracle Database

    Apache Kafka


    Apache Camel


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