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Banking & Fintech

Santander Consumer Bank

Online loans.
Automating the decision process for e-commerce online loans


Who have we helped?

Santander Consumer Finance is a leading consumer finance company present in 16 European countries. More than 14,500 employees provide financial products and services to 18 million customers in 130,000 sales partners points.


What was the project about?

Online sales of financial products is currently a vital part of every modern bank strategy. The market success of digital products, specifically cash loans, is guaranteed by the ease of not only completing and submitting online applications, but also handling the whole process, remotely or on-site. Therefore Santander Consumer Bank approached Altkom Software to obtain complex solution based on Camunda BPMN to handle online loans applications integrated with e-commerce stores and stationary ones as well where employees can assist customer in quick loan application.

ABOUT challenge

What was the challenge?

  • Create an easy process of purchasing electronics on a loan during one visit to the store;​
  • Reduce the Call Center employees time in the process of proving cash loan;
  • Increase sales due to usability and simplicity of the system.

What have we done?

— End-to-end design & implementation
— Integration
— Maintenance

We developed our solution on our own Camunda-based Digital Product Center which allows to administer process automation and implement new features in much quicker and more effective way. The whole frontend part of the new online application was delivered using business processes previously deployed in Camunda. The project included creating and implementing a solution for handling application forms for loan financing purchase of goods. Thus we designed and implemented a tool that manages the application process of an online loan as well as integration with other banking systems through dedicated service for user login – receiving information from the scoring engine, information from the decision engine, sending text messages and emails regarding status confirmation of ID verification payment.​

What results did we get?

Implementation of the Digital Product Center system supporting business processes. It integrates with Bank systems through a dedicated service for user login Service bus – receiving information from the scoring engine, information from the decision engine, sending text messages and emails to clients, and confirming the status of ID verification payment.​


Increased satisfaction of online customers and stores employees.


10% increase in loan sales.


Quick adaptation to the specific requirements of new e-commerce partners.


What technologies have we used?



Digital Product Center

it consulting


Process Automation


app dev


Process Automation

Apache Camel

app dev

Apache Kafka