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About Altkom Software

The Custom Software Development Company with over 20 years of experience. We have successfully programmed the way to the goal for numerous Polish and foreign companies, for example: Allianz, Santander, mBank, BP, Hyundai Glovis, Volvo.
Custom Software Development
Enterprise App Modernization
Performance Engineering

Why you should work with us?

Experience from over 500 software development projects.
Over 150 digitalized processes in various projects.
Top 5
Cooperation with the 5 top Insurance Companies and 5 largest European banks.
Authorial framework minimizing the risks associated with exceeded project budgets.
Support for international software projects (up to 6 markets at the same time).
2 ready, low-code solutions for the finance industry.
OUR CLIENTS We’re a trusted technological
partner for companies such as:
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Meet the minds behind
Altkom Software

Adam Lejman, CEO

Adam Lejman

CEO Altkom Software & Consulting Sp. z o.o.

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology and its former researcher. He started to implement his first large commercial projects in the late 1990s, working in the structures of Altkom. Until 2006, he was the director of the Enterprise Risk Services department at Deloitte, responsible for projects implemented for the banking sector. Since 2006, he has been at the helm of the Altkom Software development company, first as the COO and currently as the CEO. Since 2019, he has also managed the Altkom Experts company.
Lukasz Rauer

Łukasz Rauer

Head of Business Operations & Integration Unit

For over 20 years associated with developing and implementing software, consulting in the field of technology, as well as IT projects for the financial market, including large enterprises. For many years he worked as a project manager and project teams leader. He perfectly knows both classic and agile methodologies. Thanks to his programming experience, he understands the processes related to software development and the challenges behind them.
Michał Lisiecki, Head of Business Unit

Michał Lisiecki

Head of Digital Now Unit

IT manager with many years of experience leading IT teams in various areas and running effective transformation programs. A pragmatic enthusiast of using modern software design and development methods in the Agile model. For over 10 years associated with the automation of business processes. He has been implementing and developing solutions based on the Camunda Platform.
Paweł Jabłoński

Paweł Jabłoński

Head of AWS Unit

For over 15 years associated with the broadly understood IT area. He cooperated with companies from the following industries: financial, automotive, TLS, and telecom. He believes that cloud solutions can unleash the potential of an organization and create non-obvious business models. He assumes the key to success is an open, continuous dialogue between business and technology, so he focuses on building highly efficient teams at work.
Dominika Biardzka-Jaworowska

Dominika Biardzka-Jaworowska

Head of Azure Unit

She has 10 years of IT experience, specializing in projects involving migration to the cloud and building cloud architecture. Combines business needs with a technical point of view; creates IT strategies based on Azure services, providing financial benefits. It provides support in implementing the recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority regarding cloud computing. At work, he strongly focuses on the development of his team, believing that positive motivation drives change and benefits the entire organization.

Greatness through commitment
to self-development

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Why reinvent the wheel or create products that won’t win an audience? Limit the risk, validate your business idea with us and verify the project schedule and budget. This way, you will avoid entering the market with the wrong solution or a poorly-designed and underestimated idea.
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We have an attitude focused on looking for solutions, we take up challenges, we do not give up, when faced with problems, we do not spread our hands but look for solutions.
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We support each other on a daily basis, both in matters related to projects and outside. We know what the common objective of the organization is and we strive to achieve it together, playing as one team.

Empowering businesses
through technology


Establishment of the Altkom Group focused on IT services and IT skills trainings.


Launching the first certified Java programming course in Poland. Young lecturer from the Warsaw University of Technology, Adam Lejman, the current CEO of Altkom Software, joined the team as a trainer.


A leading telecommunications company in Poland becomes one of Altkom’s first business customers creating custom software.
The fledgling possibilities of internet communication were used to service the showrooms. The Java development team initiates a department at Altkom focused on building dedicated solutions.


The opportunity to combine expertise and practice skills in business results in a gradual, consistent increase in the value of the company and its development into another entity. Altkom Software & Consulting is established.


Altkom Software adopts a new growth strategy which includes plans for the development of new competences through partnerships and acquisitions as well as expansion into foreign markets. In addition to organic growth and acquiring new clients, we created Altkom Experts, a company dedicated to outsourcing of IT specialists and teams, and a year later we invested in the Kreatik digital agency.

Where can you find us?



ul. Chłodna 51,
00-867 Warsaw

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ul. Cystersów 9,
31-553 Cracow

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ul. Kościuszki 103/105
90-441 Lodz

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