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Greatness through commitment
to self-development

Company founded on the basis of an IT training skills academy is a community of people who care about continuous improvement – both customer companies, and our own competence. We believe that is the way to achieve great products and growth.

What do we believe in?

Why reinvent the wheel or create products that won’t win an audience? Limit the risk, validate your business idea with us and verify the project schedule and budget. This way, you will avoid entering the market with the wrong solution or a poorly-designed and underestimated idea.
We have an attitude focused on looking for solutions, we take up challenges, we do not give up, when faced with problems, we do not spread our hands but look for solutions. 
We support each other on a daily basis, both in matters related to projects and outside. We know what the common objective of the organization is and we strive to achieve it together, playing as one team. 
Altkom CEO Adam Lejman

Altkom grew out of a great desire to expand knowledge. To know more means to perceive more. We encourage employees to take care of their own development, because broad horizons improve perception. This allows us to offer value to our customers in the form of cutting-edge solutions that have a long life cycle and guarantee security.

Adam Lejman

CEO Altkom Software & Consulting Sp. z o.o.

How did it all start?

Establishment of the Altkom Group focused on IT services and IT skills trainings.
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launching the first certified Java programming course in Poland. Young lecturer from the Warsaw University of Technology, Adam Lejman, the current CEO of Altkom Software, joined the team as a trainer.
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A leading telecommunications company in Poland becomes one of Altkom’s first business customers creating custom software.

The fledgling possibilities of internet communication were used to service the showrooms. The Java development team initiates a department at Altkom focused on building dedicated solutions.
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The opportunity to combine expertise and practice skills in business results in a gradual, consistent increase in the value of the company and its development into another entity. Altkom Software & Consulting is established.
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Altkom Software adopts a new growth strategy which includes plans for the development of new competences through partnerships and acquisitions as well as expansion into foreign markets. In addition to organic growth and acquiring new clients, we created Altkom Experts, a company dedicated to outsourcing of IT specialists and teams, and a year later we invested in the Kreatik digital agency
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500+ delivered projects
100+ clients
200+ workers
20+ years of experience