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Meet Altkom AI Assist
Your new customer service virtual assistant

No more daily struggles with tons of e-mails. Let AI do the job! Altkom AI Assist will sort e-mails, verify data and communicate with your customers.
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What can Altkom AI Assist do?


Altkom AI Assist can take care of your correspondence, ensuring swift and effective information sharing between all parties across the supply chain.

  • Communicating with customers by e-mail
  • Creating transport offers
  • Issuing orders in a CRM/TMS system

Altkom AI Assist can automate the registration and processing of claims filed by e-mail.

  • Communicating with customers
  • Creating claims
  • Registering claims in the claims system

Altkom AI Assist can accelerate the refund process, taking over communication with customers, application review, and necessary data verification and validation.

  • Handling e-mails and notifications
  • Creating refund requests
  • Transferring data to the system

Other industries

Altkom AI Assist is the perfect solution for any industry where employees face the time-intensive process of handling incoming and outgoing mail.

The secret of its success is that it is not an ordinary chatbot able to answer simple queries, but a real virtual assistant powered by generative AI.

Altkom AI Assist

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Why is it worth it?

Generative AI

Altkom AI Assist is powered by advanced language models (LLMs) trained on large textual data sets.

Natural Language Processing

Since Altkom AI Assist understands natural language, your customers won’t be able to tell the difference between your employees and our AI.

Trained AI model

Before deployment, the AI model is retrained to understand the industry context, effectively supporting your customer service.

Ready-made solution

You get a ready-made, trained solution easily embedded in your infrastructure and environment.

How does it work?

Our solution automates up to 80% of the most common queries, without engaging your employees in any of the following tasks:

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What do you gain with Altkom AI Assist?


You decide what data our AI should collect and check, which system they should go to, and what should happen next.


AI automatically generates and sends out messages, independently communicating with the customer.


The solution is based on cloud services, which means it works seamlessly and reliably, without putting any unnecessary strain on your infrastructure.

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Altkom AI Assist is easy to integrate with your core systems, your workflow engine and data analytics tools.



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