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We work on projects across the start-up sector

End-to-end development

Leave it all in our hands! We will take care of user needs analysis, planning, setting priorities, coding, implementation, as well as software development and maintenance.

MVP building

Get ahead of the competition – verify your idea through a targeted, quickly implemented MVP process. We will deliver your product to customers and then develop it further based on their feedback.

App development

Found glitches in the app? Are you looking for ways to develop it? We will streamline and update your app, eliminate errors, and organise a workshop to design new functionalities.

Product Discovery workshop

Confront your ideas with reality and release a better-thought-out product. The result? A polished project in terms of business and technology.

Business model verification

Cut the risks and test your idea in practice. We will analyse the problems faced by your target group and test the product against them so as to see whether we are headed in the right direction.

App performance improvement

Don’t let a low-performing app put the brakes on your business. Thanks to us, your app will never be slow again or become unavailable due to a sudden traffic surge.

Product development consulting

You want not just a software provider but also a business partner? Let us go beyond system building and help you out at every stage of the process. Don’t hold yourself back, draw on our immense tech savvy and business knowledge!

We know how to address the needs of fast-growing companies

On time and within the budget

We develop a product from scratch and implement its life cycle processes in accordance with a well-planned schedule, steering clear of the greatest design risks thanks to our unique framework, Software as a Journey – a recipe for timely and effective software development.

Development from scratch

Not sure whether your business or digital product idea will be well-received and conquer the market? Join a workshop during which we will help you identify your competitors, define personas and set out your USP. If you already have a product that’s not selling well, we’ll help you find out what’s wrong.

Flexibility and experience

Combined with a mature Agile methodology, our broad range of know-how (we work for large banks and insurance companies, but also smaller e-commerce ventures) makes us flexible and able to adapt to fast-working start-ups.

Business and tech support

You can count on our tech consulting services, but also our help in developing your business. Our team features strategists, analysts and UX/UI designers and architects, who know well how to translate user needs into high-performance software.

Price validation

If you’re not sure how to price your idea or project, we are here to help. We will carry out a targeted analysis and prepare a specification to let you know what budget you need to implement your project.

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Case Study

Zencargo. Workflow automation deployment for better management of process automation

We faced the challenge of finding the right tool for effective process management, including workflow automation. The project involved the implementation of both the Camunda Community and the Camunda-based Altkom solution called Control Center.

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