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Why Camunda?

Camunda BPM is a mature and proven open-source business process management platform based on the accessible Java technology. It combines the simple automation of processes with more extensive configuration and adaptation to specific cases. Through compliance with business needs and IT standards, it works well in projects requiring organised, multi-stage workflows or tasks, integration of multiple systems or automation of data processing.

What is the purpose of your journey?


Eliminate manual work in multi-stage processes.


Efficiently launch digital sales and customer service channels.


Improve your business through better process monitoring and management.

Fast-track implementation of change

Adapt your business to change more rapidly when current legacy systems constrain your operation and are irreplaceable.

Reduction of service costs

Lower your costs using open-source workflow solutions with selected ready-made extensions.

Camunda's Capabilities

  • Automation

    Elimination of manual work in multi-stage processes

    You have multi-stage processes in your company supported by several different systems not running smoothly. Why? Because they are performed manually!
    Eliminate this bottleneck by migrating your next processes to the Camunda platform. Full automation is achieved in stages, so no need to bear the costs of licensing and integration of your systems. Our experienced team takes care of the implementation process smoothly and time-efficiently and guarantees the continuation of system development.

  • Digitisation

    Efficient launch of digital sales and customer service channels

    With Camunda, we will integrate your existing systems without the need to rebuild them. You only need to design and set up a new sales process, and then you can start selling new products immediately.

  • Accelerating the implementation of changes

    Faster adaptation of business to the changes in legacy systems

    Current key systems do not support the process approach, but you still have to work with them. Because of this, any change in your business operations involving your systems is implemented with a delay. Camunda allows you to keep essential functions of the existing system (e.g. as a subsidiary ledger or data source) while building solutions with modern technologies.

    Accelerating the implementation of changes
  • Optimisation

    Modelling, measuring and controlling multi-stage processes

    Starting from business needs, we identify the workflow and necessary integrations using BPMN 2.0 and the easy-to-use Camunda Modeler. Next, using the Camunda Cockpit, we ensure the necessary control and monitoring of the implemented processes. Before starting our cooperation, we can perform a Proof of Concept as part of the platform’s implementation validity tests.

  • Reduction of process servicing costs

    Open source workflow solution with ready-made extensions

    “Community Edition” is an open-source version of Camunda which is less functional than the paid Enterprise Edition. If you choose the open-source solution, we can build the necessary functionality from the ground up or suggest the use of our ready-made extensions.

    Using the Camunda ‘Community Edition’, we have created the Digital Product Center – a process platform for the sales of banking products and customer service support. We have used it to launch over 20 main sales processes with references to 30 business processes on the Camunda BPM platform.

    Reduction of process servicing costs

Our selected Camunda extensions:

  • Event flow within a business process (diagram with flow line)

  • Process reports – template wizard

  • Business data preview – thematic blocks

  • Search processes by business parameters (simple filters)

  • Search processes by business parameters (advanced filters)

  • Search results/presentation in tiles (aggregated view)

  • Search results/presentation in tiles (detailed view)

  • Process history/all activities, their types, times, a preview of the messages and the persons performing the task (for manual activities) (timeline – graphical representation)

  • Process reports – data generator – the ability to export to CSV/xlsx files and other formats dedicated to online sales of financial products

Meet our proprietary solution, based on the Camunda engine

Why Camunda?

Convenient and easy to integrate into other systems

Convenient and easy to integrate into other systems

Camunda is designed for simple integration with other systems. Its engine is equipped with a flexible and well-documented API.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Built-in tools allow for quick troubleshooting of problems and ongoing control over business processes.

Business and IT-friendly standards

Business and IT-friendly standards

Camunda supports BPMN 2.0, DMN 1.1 and CMMN 1.1 to meet the needs of proven management models.


What versions of Camunda do you use?

We work on both the Community Edition and paid license of the Enterprise Version. We offer the audit of implementation possibilities and creation of the Proof of Concept based on both versions.

Camunda vs. Microservices?

Camunda fits seamlessly into the Microservice architecture as a tool for end-to-end process monitoring and as an orchestrator. It provides the ability to monitor and report multi-threaded processes between services, identifying downtimes and potential problems.

Do you develop Camunda-based systems created by another vendor?

If you already use Camunda, you can entrust further development and support to us. We use proven methods to take over the maintenance of several systems to make the process fast and efficient.

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