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    Process automation

    Automation of business processes using Camunda

    Altkom Software implements Camunda Community along with our proprietary products based on it. With our help, you can reduce licensing costs up to 5 times, gaining even more opportunities to work with business processes.
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    +150 digitized
    60% reduction in process
    handling costs
    90% less manual

    Why is it worth starting process automation with us?

    Working with Camunda – the most famous BPMS system in Europe

    For over 7 years, our team of 50 automation experts has been working with the popular low-code solution – Camunda Community.

    We have created two original products that change Camunda into an even more flexible and convenient tool for working on business-process automation.

    Camunda partner
    Cost-effectiveness and transparency of cooperation

    We have a transparent pricing policy, and thanks to many years of experience, we start each project without undue delay.

    Our Camunda Community implementations (with proprietary solutions) are up to 5 times less costly than the Camunda Enterprise implementation, allowing for equally advanced process support.

    Process automation
    Work for large clients with very extensive processes

    We have experience in process automation for the most significant organizations, in processes reaching up to 30 workflows.

    Our clients are well-known international financial and logistics institutions, such as BNP Paribas, Santander Consumer Bank, PKO Leasing, and Zencargo.


    We are a modern, committed and trustworthy partner for financial institutions

    Altkom Software operates per international standards for the security of information processing, which has been confirmed by the accredited body Alcumus ISOQAR with its headquarters in the UK.

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    Oznaczenie Certyfikatu ISO 27001

    Learn how to effectively use Camunda‘s capabilities while reducing its costs

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    Process automation

    Comprehensive support at every stage of process automation


    Identification and analysis of the client’s processes

    Understanding business needs and strategy.

    Solutions selection and preparation of a configuration plan

    Depending on the scale of customer demand.

    Implementation of the platform in the client’s environment

    Cloud-based or on-premise installation possibility.

    Supervision over the effectiveness of processes and maintenance

    Work of BPMN analysts, developers, and testers.
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    Michał Lisiecki, Head of Business Unit
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    Many topics that in the past I had the opportunity to implement based on a traditional approach would be implemented much more efficiently and would also provide business value faster if it was done based on products such as Control Center or Digital Product Center.

    Michał Lisiecki

    Head of Digital Now Unit

    Bet on the popular workflow system and increase the efficiency of your business

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    Why Camunda?


    Our products and services support work with Camunda 2.0 Community

    Control Center
    • Active process analysis, considering statistics, diagrams and process variables
    • Support for resuming and migrating multiple process instances
    • Graphical support for comparing selected processes in version analysis
    • Transparent administration panel and multi-process management support
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    Digital Product Center
    • Advanced automation of sales processes
    • Personalisation of offers for customers
    • Support for integration with many systems, including e-commerce applications
    • Easy visualisation and modelling of any process
    • Possibility to create forms/applications/fronts without coding
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    Take a look how we helped our clients


    BNP Paribas

    The Bank needed to enable successful sales, cross-selling, and upselling through the online channel. So far, the delivery of products has been done in a way to the long-term and costly, requiring the involvement of plenty of parties in determining the shape of the process and implementation in a few legacy systems.

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    Santander Consumer Bank

    Delivery of complex solution based on Camunda BPMN to handle online loan applications integrated with e-commerce stores and stationery stores, where store employees can assist customers in the quick loan application.

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    Development of proper tool for better management of business processes, including automating workflows. The project involved the deployment of Camunda Community, Altkom’s Camunda-based solution called Control Center, consulting the work of Java engineers and training Zencargo’s teams in setting up automated workflows.

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    The company is a leading global automotive supplier, delivering new mobility solutions and technology for most of the modern car producers in the world.

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    Technical competences


    Apache Kafka




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