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    Enhance the quality of your products and services through business process automation

    Boost the competitive edge of your business, shorten your new products’ time-to-market, improve data flow and respond faster to your customers’ needs. Automated processes are more flexible and easier to scale up as your business grows.
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    Process automation

    Business process automation services for a range of industries

    Banking process automation

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    Let us help streamline your:

    • transaction categorisation on your customers’ accounts,
    • customer service, sales and acquisition processes related to your banking offer and folders,
    • online banking processes,
    • communication between the bank and the Loan Information Office (BIK),
    • document archiving and storage processes,
    • covered bond securitisation registers and securitisation billing (including online land register support),
    • cash loan application process,
    • loan collection process with a mobile app layer and e-receipts.
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    Insurance process automation

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    Let us help streamline your:

    • in-person processes for IT devices/microleasing,
    • dealer processes for passenger cars,
    • digital microleasing process (online channel),
    • dealer processes for agricultural machines and devices,
    • in-house car leasing processes.
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    Logistics process automation

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    Let us help streamline your:

    • customer and carrier service processes,
    • freight exchange parameters management (customer service),
    • transport progress status reports (driver app),
    • sea freight tracking processes (in real time – GPS communication),
    • delivery time estimates and unloading plans.
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    Process automation for the enterprise sector

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    We offer process automation services for clients from a range of sectors, including manufacturing, energy and automotive industries.

    Let us help streamline your:

    • purchasing processes,
    • store visit booking processes (including automated optimisation),
    • customer relationship management (CRM),
    • online product sales processes,
    • warehouse and internal order management (production lines),
    • billing system (to support your international expansion),
    • platform to integrate distributed app environments and enable communication and operation from a single system.
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    IT Consulting

    We design, optimise and provide consulting services
    in the area of business process automation


    See how we helped our clients

    All Case Studies

    Design and development of omnichannel processes

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for BNP Paribas

    Key results

    70% less time to solve reported problem.

    over 30 processes digitised.

    67% fewer errors in account opening request forms.

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    Automating internal processes with Camunda

    Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 5

    Key results

    MVP implementation in 3 months.

    2 big deployments.

    automation of 15 workflows.

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    Maintenance and development of insurance systems

    Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 5

    Key results

    higher savings.

    competitiveness boost.

    icrease of B2B customers’ satisfaction.

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    Direct travel insurance sales platform with AIS

    Mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

    Key results

    less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

    acquisition of new group of clients.

    cost reduction and increase in sales.

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    Building an online logistics platform in cloud

    Prilo 5 1

    Key results

    increased accuracy of the budget estimation.

    launch in less than 12 months.

    high application availability.

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    How do we go about implementing automation in companies?

    1. Analysis

    Defining goals and identifying areas in need of automation. Analysing existing processes to better understand our client’s needs.

    2. Planning

    Developing a detailed automation plan, including resources, schedules, budgets and key performance indicators.

    3. Technology

    Selecting appropriate process automation tools and solutions. Creating the architecture of the target solution and integrating it with other inhouse systems.

    4. Prototyping

    Developing prototypes and testing solutions. Monitoring processes, performance, system quality and availability. Identifying areas for improvement.

    5. Updates

    Deploying updates and upgrades to ensure continual effectiveness and compliance with business demands. Providing technical support.

    6. Development

    Adapting the system to changing needs and business conditions by adding new features, scaling and updates. Regular system checks and audits.


    We automate business processes using:

    BPM platforms

    A comprehensive approach
    to business process management.

    • Camunda
    • Control Center
    • Digital Leasing Platform
    • Digital Product Platform
    Workflow systems

    Workflow and task
    sequence coordination and automation.

    • Camunda
    • Camunda powered by Control Center & Digital Product Center
    Artificial Intelligence

    Process acceleration, optimisation and automation thanks to AI and LLM.

    • Chat GPT/OpenAI
    • AWS Bedrock
    • DNN (Deep Neural Network)
    BI Tools

    Introducing automation to the area of data analytics and reporting.

    • Microsoft Power BI
    Low-code platforms

    Speeding up and simplifying automation and process management.

    • Camunda
    • Control Center
    • Digital Product Center
    • Digital Leasing Platform
    DevOps tools

    Automating software development

    • Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD
    • GitLab CI/CD
    • Ansible
    What we can do

    Business process automation. Results?

    Saved time

    We reduced the time needed to process leasing applications from one week to just a little over ten minutes.

    Lower costs

    Refund process support costs are now three times lower.

    Better performance

    We streamlined the communication between a financial institution and its customers through the complete digitisation of the lease-awarding process.

    Covered HR shortages

    We automated some decision-making processes, eliminating the need for new employees in the organisation.

    Shorter time-to-market

    Thanks to automation, we improved internal information and work flow in the client’s environment. This meant that a new service could be delivered to the market 3 months earlier than initially predicted.

    Reduced human error

    We integrated the financing process with the accounting system. Data related to the shopping basket are now automatically fed into the accounting system, eliminating the need to enter the data twice.

    Customer behaviour monitoring

    We moved the cash loan application process to the process engine. This allowed our client to observe at which stage loan applicants encountered difficulties or abandoned their application altogether.

    Lower team load

    We introduced low-code solutions to enable easier process deployment. This took the burden off key team members on the side of the client and increased the independence of business people from IT employees.

    Tell us about your project if you value:


    We don’t create any barriers to communication; while we provide the supervision of a project manager, we also allow you to talk directly to our developers.


    We have previously automated processes for some of the largest financial institutions. Our projects covered up to thirty extensive workflows.


    We eliminate the risk of exceeded budgets and schedules and guarantee reliable partnership.

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    We work in adhering to international information processing standards, as evidenced by our ISO 270001 certificate. (accreditation body: Alcumus ISOQAR).

    Benefit from our experience in digitising, optimising and automating business processes

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