Altkom Software revamped. Find out how we have changed and discover new cooperation opportunities

If you’re reading this in September 2022 and have previously worked with us, you’ve probably noticed the recent changes to our logo and our website. Since we’ve been around for many years and enjoyed a solid reputation with our clients, we don’t want to leave this without comment. We understand that this important overhaul of the visual identity system may disorient some users and sow the seeds of doubt as to whether we’re still the Altkom that they know. Read this post to find out why we’ve decided to change our appearance and reinvent ourselves. 

Why did we decide to change our visual identity system? 

Our previous visual identity system was like an old, time-worn pair of shoes. It was comfortable, but you never knew how many steps you could take before the first holes would begin to show. We knew we would soon need to change it, because you can never move forward if you’re standing still. We had expanded our teams, developed our portfolio, learned new things, and at one point, we realized we were no longer the same Altkom as a few years prior. Our values had evolved, but we didn’t know how to communicate that to the world. We were not completely different, but different enough for the old visual identity to no longer seem like a good fit. 

This is why we decided to refresh our image, show off what we stand for and prove that there is more to Altkom than line after line of decent code. It wasn’t easy. We had to be smart, take stock of the past few years, emphasise who we’ve become, and stay open to whatever else may come. After all, we want to continue to change and grow, so our new visual identity must be just as flexible as our software ? 

Our core values 

To begin with, we asked ourselves: who are we? What matters to us? That might sound rather philosophical, but sometimes you just need to go back to the bare bones. To find the answers, we decided to ask at the source – among our employees. We sent out questionnaires and looked at their comments; they clearly showed, that what we like is… software development. We are passionate about technology and look forward to each project as a new adventure. We enjoy challenges and our priority is to build solutions that improve our clients’ businesses. After many long conversations, we defined the three core values that guide our work: 

  • GROWTH We care about the growth of our business and each and every single one of our employees. We appreciate constructive feedback that allows us to fly high and achieve our professional goals. We actively share our knowledge and experience; 
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING – We are solution-oriented and open to challenges, and whenever we stumble on a problem, we don’t throw up our hands but always look for the best way out of a bad situation; 
  • COOPERATION – We create a space in which we support each other in our projects and beyond. We understand the mission of our business and work towards it as one, big, coordinated team. 

These three elements laid the foundation for our brand new visual system. 

Name, logo, new colours 

What is the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think of a brand? The name, of course. Altkom Software & Consulting has been on the market for 22 years and the Altkom Group for even longer. Our roots matter to us, so we decided to keep the original name. However, for the sake of ease and simplicity, our logos and visual materials will now use an abbreviated version: Altkom Software. This doesn’t mean we will no longer provide IT consulting services. They are still an important part of our work but, for us, software always comes first. 

As for the logo, we decided to shift toward a simpler, more digital version. We kept its colour, red, and the most important visual element: the square. Remember the squares, they will come up again! 

New and old logo of Altkom Software


We also refreshed our colour palette. Even though we’ve always used blue, red and grey, we now decided to switch to more intense shades and greater contrasts. We are stronger, more determined and self-confident today and the new colours reflect that. 

The key visual, or how people see us… 

Importantly, our new visual identity system also comes with a brand new key visual. The previous system lacked a clear KV, which would act as a cohesive element across all our visual communication. The new KV is strong and expressive, yet flexible enough to be able to hold together all our daily and promotional materials. 

New key visual of Altkom Software

Remember the squares? Think about them again. It’s no accident that we chose a shifting pattern of squares as the KV of our visual identity. It alludes to our logo and serves as a potent symbol. The changing combinations and arrangements represent the complex challenges of our work. And even though at first glance you may fail to see that the pattern is in flux, the key visual will still change as a function of our needs. 

This is a great metaphor for what we do. Even though all our projects may seem alike (we build software, after all), they are all in fact very different and more complex than you would think. Our methodologies, teams, clients, goals, values and solutions also vary, which is why the end product for the client, the dedicated software we design, is also different each time. 

Claim, or what we want to transmit at first contact 

The previous claim, “See different”, was replaced by another, which is longer but better represents our current core values:  

New Altkom Software claim: "Curiosity drives change. Let's co-design it" and sub claim: "We know that technology can make a difference in the world. That is why we're ready to change your idea into dedicated software"

Is that a clear message? Yes and no ? The new claim echoes our values and emphasises who we are. As you may remember, we care about growth and cooperation. We are curious about new technologies and treat every new challenge as an opportunity to learn. At the same time, we are lucky to be working with clients who create innovative solutions and products that bring about real change and affect many lives. Our clients know they can count on us not just to do coding work, but also to design their products in terms of software architecture or the customer journey. 

As you can see, our claim is not clear-cut and leaves some room for interpretation. You can share your feedback through our LinkedIn page! 

A new beginning  

If you take a look at our website and its visuals, you will see that the new design and message are rather minimalist and simplified. We wanted to emphasise that, first and foremost, we are a tech company, and technology is precisely what we do. Of course, our portfolio is bigger than that and we provide our clients with much more than just successive pieces of code. Even so, we still have a developer’s soul that tells us to head in a simple, straight line toward the goal. 

Our revamped visual identity system is also meant to emphasise that we are always open to new projects and cooperation opportunities. Over the years, we have consolidated our position on the Polish IT market, which allows us to enjoy the trust of our clients, but also limits our growth a bit. We hope that the refreshed brand image will be an opportunity to stress that, while the new Altkom Software keeps all the advantages of the old ASC, it now has a lot more to offer. 

Browse through our portfolio to get to know the new us and find new cooperation opportunities.