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    Cloud Services

    Use full potential
    of cloud-native solutions

    Committed to leveling down barriers that stop businesses from using cloud solutions on a full-scale, we are here to produce software 100% based on cloud services, accelerate your app migration processes, and show that the cloud is yours for the asking.
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    +20 years of experience
    100% service availability
    55% infrastructure savings

    Why are we a reliable partner for cloud services?

    Cloud Services
    Leading cloud services providers

    We rely on solutions developed by two of the largest and most trusted public cloud providers.

    Our AWS and Azure specialists are here to support you at every stage of the project.

    Quality software development
    Software development and regulatory support

    We advise on the selection of cloud services and their configuration, and we also design and deliver ready-made cloud-native solutions.

    Our role is to design migrated systems’ architecture to ensure it meets all the regulatory requirements.

    Best Software Development Skills
    Solid cloud environment foundations

    We put emphasis on real cost optimization (FinOps) and ensuring application security through a well-designed and configured cloud architecture.

    This guarantees business continuity and stability.


    A modern, committed and trustworthy partner for financial institutions

    Altkom Software operates per international standards for the security of information processing, which has been confirmed by the accredited body Alcumus ISOQAR with its headquarters in the UK.

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    Oznaczenie Certyfikatu ISO 27001


    Group 972

    AWS Advanced

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    Microsoft Silver

    cloud services

    Scope of our cloud services

    Cloud-native development

    Increase the efficiency and flexibility of your business with cloud-native applications. We design, develop and implement applications based on microservices using automated and iterative software delivery methods (CI/CD and DevOps).

    Cloud migration

    Receive a ready-made cloud migration strategy. We will take into account the needs of your business, design a scalable environment, select the right set of cloud services, evaluate costs, and ensure proper access and data security.

    Cloud cost optimisation

    If you spend more on the cloud than you initially assumed, we will help you adapt the cloud environment to the real needs of your business. We introduce changes not only to the cloud configuration but also to the application’s architectural changes.

    From in-house to cloud-based

    Are you still trying to decide if the cloud is your company’s best and safest solution? We will happily suggest which provider to choose and what services to invest in. We will also help estimate the profitability of using the cloud for a given type of project.

    Cloud regulations

    We will help ensure that the configuration of cloud environments meets all standards and legal requirements in your country. We have knowledge and experience gained while working with clients from the financial and insurance sectors.

    Cloud assessment and optimisation

    Let’s analyze the needs of your business. On this basis, we’ll let you know how to design and configure a new cloud environment or improve the existing one. You will learn the optimal parameters to make your cloud efficient, safe, and low-cost.
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    Dominika Biardzka-Jaworowska
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    Cloud services have accumulated many myths – we are happy to dispel them, showing the real potential behind cloud-native solutions. We design efficient, secure, cost-effective cloud environments that open our clients’ business to new opportunities. The cloud will not always be the best choice, but if it suits a given type of project, we use it 100%, generating benefits that no on-premise environment will provide.

    Dominika Biardzka-Jaworowska

    Head of Azure Business Unit

    Add cloud cloud services to your business

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    It is our job to deploy and help keep in check your cloud infrastructure


    Performance analysis

    We identify any possible bottlenecks, redundant costs, threats and inefficient solutions in your existing infrastructure.

    Optimization or cloud migration

    We identify the cloud areas with optimisation potential or show you which solutions should be migrated to the cloud.

    Setup and deployment

    We prepare and adapt a cloud-native solution or introduce changes to your architecture and environment.

    Monitoring and support

    We monitor and support the new environment. We take care of cost optimisation via FinOps practices.
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    See how we help our clients

    All case studies

    Satscore. AWS Cloud consulting and cost optimization

    We have made a complete analysis of the AWS infrastructure costs and recommendations for changes. After rebuilding the architecture, customer costs dropped by 39% in just 14 days.

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