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Take care of flexibility, scalability and the availability of your services. Configure your cloud environment correctly and enjoy lower costs while increasing resources.
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What do we specialize in?

Cloud native developemnt

Choose native cloud applications and use all the possibilities behind the cloud-based infrastructure. Use a ready-made environment and tools that don’t need to be written from scratch.

Cloud migration

Complete migration strategy to the cloud also includes implementation, optimisation and cloud administration. All this to increase the flexibility of your business and, as a result, reduce costs.

Cost optimisation

Are you spending more on the cloud than you assumed at the beginning? With our help, you will adjust the cloud environment to the actual needs. Eliminate unnecessary expenses, regain control over the cloud and improve security.

Cloud consultancy

Not convinced the cloud is the best and the safest solution for your business? We are happy to advise on the cloud, suggest which provider to choose, and estimate the profitability of using the cloud for a given type of project.

Regulatory support

We will help ensure that the configuration of cloud environments meets all standards and legal requirements in your country. We have knowledge and experience in this area gained from working with clients in the financial and insurance sectors.

Cloud assesment

Let’s analyse your business needs, and on this basis we will advise how to configure a new cloud environment or inspect the existing one. You will know the optimal parameters to make your cloud efficient, safe and low-cost.

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Satscore. AWS Cloud consulting and cost optimization

We have made a complete analysis of the AWS infrastructure costs and recommendations for changes. After rebuilding the architecture, customer costs dropped by 39% in just 14 days.

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