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    Start an adventure with process automation

    This Camunda Community extension is particularly useful for organisations that want to manage their multiple business processes in real time. Our Control Center is an alternative to Camunda Enterprise and offers similar functionalities.
    8+ new functionalities
    10+ years of experience with Camunda
    20+ satisfied clients

    Why Control Center?

    Our Control Center allows you to manage your processes in a production environment, ensuring full process monitoring, as well as a range of analytics for effective business process analysis and optimisation.

    Process management

    Real-time business process management (starting, pausing, restarting).

    Process monitoring

    Ongoing tracking of processes and their progress. Camunda engine monitoring; tracking process errors and incidents.

    Process analysis

    Active process analysis, including statistics, diagrams and process variables. A process definition history view

    Autoscaling and performance

    Automated scaling and load balancing. Optimising system performance for added processes.

    Process migration

    Restarting and migrating multiple process instances. Reverse migration and reverting to previous versions.

    Process security

    Ensuring a high level of process security. Centralised management of users and permissions. Activity auditing.

    Need even more functionalities?

    Meet Digital Product Center

    Who is the Control Center perfect for?

    Businesses getting ready for process automation arrow

    Businesses getting ready for process automation

    Control Center helps you start building your own workflows

    Camunda Community users arrow

    Camunda Community users

    Control Center gives you better operational control over your processes.

    Large and medium-sized organisations with multiple processes arrow

    Large and medium-sized organisations with multiple processes

    Control Center offers functionalities for centralised process management in your organisation.

    Business processes of low and medium complexity arrow

    Business processes of low and medium complexity

    Control Center will be ideal for any organisation, except for highly distributed IT environments.

    Want to know more about Control Center? 

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    Michał Lisiecki, Head of Digital Now Unit
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    Control Center is a priceless tool for any organisation that wants to get greater control over its business processes. It offers advanced analytics for an in-depth analysis of business processes to help identify areas that may require optimisation.

    Michał Lisiecki

    Head of Digital Now Unit

    What are the benefits?

    Transparent licence model

    No matter how many users and processes you have, you only pay once and can use it as much as you want.

    low code
    Low-code solution

    Easy and intuitive business process management, without any need for coding.

    Investment and savings

    Control Center grows along with your business, never generating any extra costs.


    Take a look how we helped our clients


    Development of a new insurance sales path

    Implementation and development of the Digital Product Center platform to support selling, managing, and monitoring key processes.

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    BNP Paribas

    The Bank needed to enable successful sales, cross-selling, and upselling through the online channel. So far, the delivery of products has been done in a way to the long-term and costly, requiring the involvement of plenty of parties in determining the shape of the process and implementation in a few legacy systems.

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    Santander Consumer Bank

    Delivery of complex solution based on Camunda BPMN to handle online loan applications integrated with e-commerce stores and stationery stores, where store employees can assist customers in the quick loan application.

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    Development of proper tool for better management of business processes, including automating workflows. The project involved the deployment of Camunda Community, Altkom’s Camunda-based solution called Control Center, consulting the work of Java engineers and training Zencargo’s teams in setting up automated workflows.

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    The company is a leading global automotive supplier, delivering new mobility solutions and technology for most of the modern car producers in the world.

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