Robotic Process Automation

Entrust applications with repeatable and reproducible activities of your employees. Unlock their potential for tasks that will develop your business.

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Robotic Process Automation

Examples of actions that robots can replace:

Improve your ERP system - Altkom Software & Consulting

Improve your ERP system

Many activities are performed manually (e.g. transcription of data between modules). Making a change in the system would be expensive and time-consuming. A dedicated robot will solve the problem of copying data in a short time, at a fraction of the cost, without IT involvement.

Automatically group repetitive information - Altkom Software & Consulting

Automatically group repetitive information

Based on simple criteria, employees assess and classify the type of, e.g. notification, contact, industry, alert. The robot will do this quickly and flawlessly in 24/7 mode.

Digitise data only once - Altkom Software & Consulting

Digitise data only once

Any data that exists in digital form (in an e-mail, Excel, etc.) that is transcribed by employees to other systems without adding more information to it. The robot will automatically move once entered data to any other place.

Do you need Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation are simple and inexpensive applications. They will take care of repetitive activities performed by your „office” employees, i.e. accountants, HR, marketing, sales or customer service specialists. Quick to implement without any changes to existing systems. Once created, they work for as long as you need them, without extra charges (e.g. license, subscription, etc.).

Are your employees busy rewriting, copying, sorting or grouping existing data between systems? Do they lack time for tasks that contribute to the growth of the company? Are you looking for a solution while planning to recruit more people?

RPA's advantages

Low cost

on a one-time basis, starting from a few thousand euro. Implementation of the robot does not require changes in the current systems and involvement of the IT department. You don’t need to pay for a license or subscription.

Quick effect and performance 24/7

time to write and implement the robot is a matter of days, not months. Robots also work when your employees are already at home. This way, you maintain the continuity of your processes.

Elimination of errors

robots do not make typical human errors resulting from weariness, fatigue or distraction.

How we make our robots

1. Analysis of business requirements

Our analysts will examine with you which business processes are worth automating. We will determine the method, the cost and the potential profits.

Order analysis

1. Analysis of business requirements

2. Build robot

At this stage, we need a test version of the system, under which we will automate operations. With us you don’t overpay for your license, you pay only for creating a robot precisely tailored to your needs. We do not offer extensive systems, the handling of which you will have to learn for a long time. We provide dedicated solutions that are inexpensive to use and automate the work done by several people.

Order robot

2. Build robot

Our customers' opinions


Insurance sector

Billing and transfer robot for the Insurer

Thanks to the robots, we have automated selected policy service processes such as vehicle registration. The data collected in the form available to the customer are automatically verified for their authenticity and then registered in the primary system.

In the area of cooperation with the agency network, we have introduced the possibility of cyclical and collective settlement of collection. Thanks to this, agents no longer have to make dozens of transfers, but only once and only once a week. Also, we have reduced the number of mistakes, which has significantly improved the work of the billing team.


Medical sector

Alarm analysis for the Medical Organisation

The robot designed by Altkom Software & Consulting took over the work of data import, analysis of incoming alerts and their categorisation. As a result, the employees were already receiving pre-analysed information, thanks to which the recovered time could be spent on what is essential, namely quick response to critical events.

The key to the success of this project was the understanding of our needs by Altkom’s team, who accurately identified potential difficulties and responded to them agilely.  Relatively low implementation costs determined the choice of RPA technology to solve this problem.

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Over the last decade, the compliance offices of the global banks have been heavily hit twice. First time, by money […]
Over the last decade, the compliance offices of the global banks have been heavily hit twice. First time, by money […]
Over the last decade, the compliance offices of the global banks have been heavily hit twice. First time, by money […]

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