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Improve system and application performance

Take care of the effective operation of the IT environment. Don’t blindly invest in new solutions when your systems can still run fast and reliably.
3 seconds of loading makes you loose 40% of users
1 second delay drops sales by 7%
82% of users are discouraged by slow pages

Why Performance Engineering?

As part of the Performance Engineering service, the Altkom Software team will analyze the IT infrastructure, provide real-time system monitoring and present conclusions from the analysis, thus ensuring quick resolution of performance problems.


Optimizing the use of IT resources (eliminating any redundant elements). Minimizing costs related to app failures and downtimes.

Positive user experience

Detecting any app performance issues before they negatively affect user experience.


Improving the application’s performance means increasing user satisfaction, thus increasing their attachment to the company.


Providing teams with better and more efficient tools.


Optimizing the use of energy and resources in your IT infrastructure.

shadow IT

Monitoring all tools and apps used in the organization.


Performance Engineering with Dynatrace

We are an authorized partner of Dynatrace, a company that offers a comprehensive AI-based platform for app management, analytics and optimization.

The tool monitors your entire IT environment in real time in order to assess, diagnose and enhance the performance of your infrastructure.

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Want to take care of your IT infrastructure?

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When can Dynatrace help?

App issues

Checking your system/app for any bottlenecks or faulty code sequences.

Optimization audit

Analyzing your infrastructure, licenses and other components to identify any spots that may require optimization.

Cloud migration

Preparing your apps for the cloud. Optimizing your use of computing resources.

Performance management

Launching your performance management environment and processes.
Michał Lisiecki, Head of Digital Now Unit
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As part of the start of cooperation, we propose to conduct a PoC of the system using the Dynatrace capabilities. This way, we will check how the platform works in a specific environment and what benefits it can bring the company.

We also offer comprehensive support in using Dynatrace by certified performance engineers.

Michał Lisiecki

Head of Digital Now Unit

What issues can be addressed by performance engineering?


We optimize your systems at all levels (app server, data base, virtualization layer) to ensure top performance. Our mission is to optimize your infrastructure and licensing costs. We also prepare your apps for cloud migration.

technical support

We step in immediately when your system – interface, batch process, integration) slows down. We prepare recommendations that include e.g. changes in your code and queries, data base optimization and changes in app servers.


We detect and identify elements that slow down the system and reduce its performance by using the greatest amount of computing power, licenses or user transaction resources.


See how we help our clients

All case studies

mBank​​. Development of a system for service of the covered bond collateral registry

We have developed a system for servicing the covered bond collateral register and generating a covered bond collateral account. The time of registration of a covered bond improved by 20%.

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Crédit Agricole. Developing an online portal for direct sales of travel insurance

Thanks to the proprietary Altkom Insurance Suite solution, the system was created in less than two months and allowed to increase sales by several dozen percent.

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Liberty Bank. IT Consulting & update of the IT strategy

The consultations ended with a high-quality IT strategy, developed within the prescribed period, despite the imposed time pressure.

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