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Tap the potential of Azure cloud-native technologies

Let us help you create cloud-native applications to tap the full potential of Microsoft Azure Cloud. We will shorten delivery times, using built-in serverless functions and rely on AI and ML mechanisms to automate your business processes.
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Our Microsoft Azure Cloud services

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Cloud-native development

Modern application development – developing scalable, efficient, easy-to-manage apps, and ensuring a fast and automated delivery of new software versions.

We design cloud-native applications, based on microservices. Our app development, management and deployment follow the Azure containerisation approach, using tools such as Docker or Azure Kubernetes. We rely on DevOps practices that support fast and uninterrupted software delivery (Azure DevOps).

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Azure migration

Assistance in developing your individual migration strategy and migrating your apps, data, and infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. We ensure cost and resource optimisation, increase app availability and scalability, and minimise downtimes.

We simplify and accelerate Azure migration process, create environment architectures, help in selected elements of the cloud exit process and do all the end2end work, from environment design to complete cloud migration.

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Azure cost analisys

Azure optimisation reduce costs, including the shutdown or resizing of unused resources, autoscaling configuration, choosing the best Azure computing model, architecture changes and DevOps tool deployment.

We perform an Azure cost analysis, helping you monitor and control the costs of your cloud services and resources. We adapt your resources to your changing business needs, e.g. by setting virtual machine on/off schedules. We support your cloud budget planning and management.

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Microsoft Azure subscriptions

Microsoft Azure subscription sales.

Businesses interested in purchasing anAzure subscription can sign an agreement on preferential terms.

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Azure Devops

Migration of your tools to Azure DevOps (e.g. CI/CD), as a place where you can store your code and manage deployments.

The number of agents can be dynamically and automatically scaled up or down with Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets – the machine will be completely shut down to reduce costs whenever agents are not used; alternatively, the number of machines can be increased when a spike in demand occurs (e.g. as a result of development projects).

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IT Consulting

Help in choosing the best-matched cloud provider based on your needs and requirements.

Our consultants will consider factors such as, e.g. technologies, business requirements, budgets, operational costs, security demands and organisation-specific needs (e.g. industry regulations or data protection requirements) and recommend the cloud provider that best meets your criteria.


Azure technologies we most commonly use

Azure DevOps

Azure Terraform

Ansible Automation Platform

Azure Kubernetes Service

Microsoft Power Apps

Azure AI

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Selected Microsoft Azure Cloud projects


Azure migration for a software development company

A comprehensive Azure migration for a software development company with 200 on-premise virtual machines.

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Dominika Biardzka-Jaworowska
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Cloud migration is the direction we want to go to maintain a high level of innovation, business advantage and security.

However, my team also wants to show you that cloud migration, as opposed to staying on-premises, may make sense financially. Our portfolio includes projects where we have cut migration costs by nearly half relative to our client’s initial calculations.

Dominika Bierdzka-Jaworowska

Head of Azure Unit

Azure migration and management assistance

Expert team

Our team of certified Azure experts can provide assistance at every stage of the process.

Cloud management

We can take over the comprehensive management of your cloud environment, ensuring effectiveness and security.

Azure Bicep

We work in Azure Bicep to manage your Microsoft Azure resources and infrastructure more effectively.

Cloud regulations

We will design your systems architecture and cloud migration process in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Grow your project with Microsoft Azure services