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Take objective, data-based decisions

Use data and visualise it in Power BI – base it on facts, not intuition. Ensure a modern data architecture and bring intelligent solutions to your organisation to analyse your data quickly and efficiently.
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What can we do for your company?

Data Driven Workshop arrow

Data Driven Workshop

A workshop to help you understand the potential of your data, preparing you to develop your own data-driven approach to support your business goals and take better business decisions.

The service is dedicated to businesses, analytics teams and IT teams responsible for building data warehouses.

Data architecture arrow

Data architecture

Building comprehensive decision-making structures to support the achievement of your business objectives. Creating a data architecture, in particular: data organisation and data integration modelling, data processing methods and dataset building with an emphasis on coherence.

This service is intended for organisations that already collect data and know what kinds of decisions they want them to support.

Predictive reporting based on data, AI & ML arrow

Predictive reporting based on data, AI & ML

Building solutions for specific business needs, using predictive methods to estimate risks at financial institutions or warehouse stock levels in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as to sell products that depend on geopolitical conditions.

Promotion and marketing campaigns arrow

Promotion and marketing campaigns

Building models to create dedicated promotions, advertising and marketing campaigns for companies that collect customer data (e.g. from contact forms and online calculators).

Building dedicated tools and supporting data management in companies that are only now preparing to deploy data gathering solutions – forms, mobile apps, comparison engines.

Management cockpits (Power BI) arrow

Management cockpits (Power BI)

Preparing internal reports on the current activities of different departments, e.g. sales reports, margin reports, localisation reports to track current trends or situations.

Performing advanced analytics to assess and enhance any business element in the organisation that may be of critical importance for its health and development.

Migrations from other systems arrow

Migrations from other systems

Helping in the migration of decision-making and reporting processes and data resources from databases, apps and platforms that cannot be further developed.

Consulting services in the field of reporting process building and optimisation for current business needs.


Technology expertise



Azure Databricks / Apache Spark

Power BI

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Start using effective data analysis in your business


Support in all 3 data management areas

Data Consulting

Building data-driven business strategies. Analysing business needs and technology potential to create and deploy an action plan.

technical support
Data Platform

Comprehensive design, deployment and maintenance of data collection and processing systems – for the purposes of analytics, reporting or prediction.

Data Governanace

Designing and auditing data life cycle. Developing a standard for data quality, coherence and reliability, including data sources. Ensuring data integrity, security and correct modelling.

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What do you get by working with us?

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Security and protection

Compliance with top data protection standards – including in the regulated sectors – as guaranteed by the ISO 27001 certificate.

Tools and technologies

A choice of tools and architecture matched to your specific IT environment. Tools built based on tried-and-tested technologies – Oracle, Microsoft, OpenSource.

Skills and teams

A wide range of skills: from Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, through analytics tools – Azure Databicks or Spark – all the way to presentation services, e.g. Power BI.

500+ delivered projects
20+ years of experience
100+ clients