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Pick the digital product development cycle that works

Engage in informed software development: let us guide you through the process of definition, design and testing to make sure your solution meets actual user needs.
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Join in at any digital product development stage

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

The main objective of a Product Discovery Workshop is to discover, understand and develop a product concept aligned with actual market and customer needs.

The outcome is a joint vision of a product, along with a description of its functionalities. It’ll help define and prioritise backlog elements, which is the first step to work on the MVP.

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Based on the outcome of Product Discovery, the project team decides which product functions, features or elements should be included in the first MVP version and which should wait until subsequent iterations.

Prioritisation is crucially important: the MVP is meant to deliver a minimum set of functions to address basic user problems or achieve the main objectives of the project.

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As we build the MVP, our team designs the user interface and decides how different functions should work. At the UX/UI stage, prototypes are created to visualise the way in which users will interact with the product.

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Utility testing

Utility tests are an essential tool allowing you to collect user feedback on your MVP. Users will tell you how intuitive your interface is and how easy it is to perform various tasks; they can also directly report any issues.

Test results allow you to verify your earlier assumptions and adapt the product to actual user needs.

Deployment and monitoring arrow

Deployment and monitoring

At this stage, the project team starts getting ready to deploy the MVP, which means they need to prepare the production environment, ensure software security, availability, stability and performance.

Once the MVP has been deployed to the market, we will monitor how it works and collect user feedback to continue to develop and enhance the product.


See how we helped our clients

All Case Studies

Building an online logistics platform in cloud

Prilo 5 1

Key results

increased accuracy of the budget estimation.

launch in less than 12 months.

high application availability.

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Design and development of omnichannel processes

Case study of Altkom Software's project for BNP Paribas

Key results

70% less time to solve reported problem.

over 30 processes digitised.

67% fewer errors in account opening request forms.

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Direct travel insurance sales platform with AIS

Mockup for Credit Agricole case study by Altkom Software

Key results

less than 2 months to deploy the platform.

acquisition of new group of clients.

cost reduction and increase in sales.

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Maintenance and development of insurance systems

Altkom Software's project for Allianz - mockup 5

Key results

higher savings.

competitiveness boost.

icrease of B2B customers’ satisfaction.

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Automating internal processes with Camunda

Case study of Altkom Software's project for Zencargo - mockup 5

Key results

MVP implementation in 3 months.

2 big deployments.

automation of 15 workflows.

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10+ years of experience in creating digital strategies
250+ designed and deployed products
30+ team of designers and strategists

What can you gain by going through the complete strategy and design process?

From Product Discovery workshops, through building an MVP, UX/UI and utility testing, all the way to deployment, monitoring and discovery of new user needs.

High utility

Creating more intuitive products that are easier to navigate.

Faster deployment

Speeding up the software development process without compromising on quality.

High quality

Solution availability, functionality, security and reliability.

Lower customer service costs

A well-designed product will create fewer problems for users, reducing you customer service costs.

More innovative software

Focusing on user needs allows you to go beyond the obvious and find more innovative ways in which problems can be addressed.

Cutting your losses

Thanks to an ongoing analysis of market potential, non-viable projects can be shut down at a very early stage.


Why design and develop digital products with us rather than other providers?

End-to-end product responsibility

Both for solution utility and further development.

Our development team will help evaluate the tech challenges of the project, as the UX team identifies the best ways to deliver value to users.

Lessons learned from completed projects

We will talk you out of ideas that are headed for failure.

To increase your product’s chance of success, we rely on the conclusions and practices repeatedly tested in other projects.

Control over costs and schedules

We will deliver a product with all the parameters you have requested.

This will be achieved by a dedicated project team working in a single methodology and using the same project progress metrics.

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Altkom Software operates per international standards for the security of information processing.

It has been confirmed by the accredited body Alcumus ISOQAR with its headquarters in the UK.

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