Software Engineering

Efficiently turn your business need into dedicated software

Digitize your services, create digital products, implement effective systems and use the potential of mobile applications.

What do we specialize in?

Back-end platforms & application

Our Software House specialises in providing high-quality backend services for companies. We always put software architecture first, work on functionalities and take care of the efficiency and speed of the application. Most frequently we work in technologies such as Java, .NET, and C #.

MVP for startups

Stay ahead of your competition while maintaining digital product quality. Together with us, develop the product based on the discovery process, focus on creating value for the end customer and avoid the design risks characteristic of operating under time pressure.

Cloud based development

Accelerate your business development with cloud-based software. Let’s focus on your real needs and translate them into the cloud computing environment (AWS or Azure). This way, you will gain the scalability, flexibility and reliability that are difficult to achieve using other methods.

Mobile development

Create a dedicated, custom mobile app and reach billions of mobile users. Use the full potential of mobile devices, and take care of UX/UI and user convenience. We can create a separate application for you or work on your software’s mobile and web versions simultaneously.

Microservices & system integration

Break the monolithic software architecture or instantly bet on microservices architecture. This will make your application easier to scale up and develop and less prone to errors. We will integrate all microservices via API gateway and can also connect them with your other systems.

Looking for custom software development or maintenance?


We know you understand what an effective software development process looks like. But do you know what risks it can protect you from?

Based on hundreds of completed projects, we have created our own, unique framework: Software as a Journey. It is something more than Agile or SCRUM – it is a recipe for building a valuable product while maintaining 100% control over the project’s duration and budget.
Design the right thing
Product Discovery
Why reinvent the wheel or create products that won’t win an audience? Limit the risk, validate your business idea with us and verify the project schedule and budget. This way, you will avoid entering the market with the wrong solution or a poorly-designed and underestimated idea.
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Design things right
Software development mainly involves connecting the blocks to make the final product run smoothly, efficiently and safely. Before creating the first line of code, you need to build the functional map. Our goal is to eliminate the risk of technical debt, performance fluctuations, data leakage, poor software quality, or integration problems from the project.
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Implement things right
Undoubtedly you know the legendary stories of how delayed IT projects can be. We break this pattern because as much as 95% of our projects are carried out within the assumed budget and time. Scrum, sprint burndown charts, close cooperation with business – we have methods to avoid exceeding deadlines and throwing your money away.
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Deploy things right
While effective deployment is key to a project’s success, only a few may achieve zero downtime deployment. The genuinely mature CI/CD process can do wonders: it speeds up releases, lowers costs, reduces time and reduces the risk associated with application development. Over the years, we have developed practices that automate and keep our deployment in check.
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Support things right
Have you ever counted how much you lose due to unplanned software downtime? The secret is that you cannot leave a built solution unattended. A high-availability system is a system monitored and supervised by a dedicated team. Only then will your software always be ready for the following challenges.
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All case studies

mBank​​. Development of a system for service of the covered bond collateral registry

We have developed a system for servicing the covered bond collateral register and generating a covered bond collateral account. The time of registration of a covered bond improved by 20%.

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Crédit Agricole. Developing an online portal for direct sales of travel insurance

Thanks to the proprietary Altkom Insurance Suite solution, the system was created in less than two months and allowed to increase sales by several dozen percent.

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Liberty Bank. IT Consulting & update of the IT strategy

The consultations ended with a high-quality IT strategy, developed within the prescribed period, despite the imposed time pressure.

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Technical competences


Java, .NET, C#


Vue, Angular, React


Android, iOS, Flutter


Docker, Kubernetes


Postgres, MS SQL