Camunda – business process management

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Camunda BPM (business process management) – light, high-performance, open platform for managing business processes based on BPMN 2.0, DMN 1.1 and CMMN 1.1 standards.



Camunda BPM is an ideal BPM solution for software development for companies. It ensures effective alignment of business needs and IT standards in projects which require organized, multi-step workflows or tasks, integration of multiple systems, using dynamic business rules, or data processing automation.

Typical use cases for Camunda BPM:

  • Business processes at financial institutions – Straight-Through Processing (STP)
  • Workflow management – Human Workflow Management
  • Case and event management – (Dynamic) Case Management
  • Business Rule Automation

Modules and functionalities

Projektowanie procesow

Process modeling • Camunda Modeler

Available as a web app and desktop app (stand-alone), the visual process workflow modeler Camunda Modeler makes it possible to create process diagrams in the BPMN 2.0 standard and decision tables according to DMN 1.1.

Implementacja procesow

Process implementation • Camunda BPM Core Engine

High-performance and fully scalable Camunda BPM Core Engine – runtime engine for BPMN, CMMN and DMN processes – works on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and makes it possible to translate process models into a functioning business application.

Obsluga procesow

Process support • Camunda Tasklist

The easy-to-use and highly configurable Camunda Tasklist enables end users to quickly and efficiently work on tasks assigned to them.

Raportowanie i monitorowanie

Reporting and monitoring • Camunda Cockpit

Camunda Cockpit makes it possible to analyze and monitor results, KPI reports and business processes in real time, also through a web application.

Our experience

Altkom Software & Consulting has an experienced team of over 30 Camunda BPM experts, including process analysts, process developers, IT architects and testers, and over 3 years of experience in implementations based on that technology.

Digital Product Center System

We have chosen the Camunda technology to build the Digital Product Center system, awarded by the “Gazeta Bankowa” monthly with the recommendation “HIT of the Year 2017”. The system is a process platform for selling banking products and supporting customer-facing services through electronic channels, such as website, online & mobile banking, call center and IVR.

Digital Product Center has been implemented at the BGŻ BNP Paribas SA Group in Poland, where it supports the processes of selling fixed-term and investment deposits, savings and current accounts, debit and payment cards and cash loans, as part of onboarding processes for the Bank’s new customers and x-sell processes for its existing customers.

As part of the implementation, Camunda BPM supports 20 main sales or support processes with references to 30 subprocesses.

The implementation included all the system functionalities, i.e.: Camunda BPM Core Engine using Camunda Modeler, Camunda Tasklist and Camunda Cockpit.

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Dashboard – Digital Product Center

Business process modeling

Camunda Modeler (web version)

Modeling business processes


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Process search engine

Digital Product Center

Process search engine


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Work with tasks in processes

Digital Product Center

(Camunda TaskList)

Work with tasks in processes


Dedicated extensions

While working with our customers on process automation and digitalization with the use of Camunda workflow engine, we have faced this challenge several times. We noticed, that not every business domain or customer needs to have all the paid features at once. Some of them, due to process specificity will never be needed. In that case it is a good idea to enrich your open source Camunda installation with custom plugins or extensions. Thanks to openness of Camunda architecture, there are different options possible. With plugins you can add extra features to existing web application of Cockpit or Task list. You can also get a stand alone application, that integrates with your Camunda and provides extra features. There are different pros and cons for each of the approach, but the most important is, that both can be added to all open source installations.

Selected Camunda BPM extensions developed by ASC:

Here is the full list of Camunda plugins and extensions, that we’ve built so far. I invite you to inspire us and share what is crucial to your business. Is there something that we didn’t do so far?

We have grouped the features regarding the potential beneficiary: process administrator, operational users and managers.

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  • Process administration
  • Migrate process instance to newer version of process definition
  • Replace assignee of open task in mass
  • Move process instance to another step
  • Consult the audit log
  • Consult the details of incidents and retry
  • Move process instance to another step

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  • Operational improvements
  • Process definition and process instance history view
  • Search processes using business parameters and consult the details (Task list plugin)
  • Overview of all process step execution details (Task list plugin)

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  • Management and analysis
  • Consult the process version changes
  • Sales funnel view
  • Custom Camunda extension tailored to your needs!