IT specialist outsourcing in the CEE region in 2023. Is Poland still a leader?

Much has already been said about the potential of the Custom Software Development market in Central and Eastern Europe. Recently published data suggest that the region continues to be cost-attractive for companies from the US, Western Europe, and Scandinavia. However, there is more than money to save in purchasing programming services or IT specialists outsourcing from the region. The region also gives you access to rare talent, high-quality services, a good level of English among its programmers and a growing understanding of the cultural character and difference of foreign partners.

In order to present the current situation in the CEE region, we consulted publicly-available publications, including research data and statistics, supplemented with our own sources and experience of more than 20 years working on the international market. As a result, we created a report that provides an overview of the entire CEE region, with a special emphasis on Poland as the until-now uncontested leader in the custom software development market in this corner of Europe. The report covers factors such as: the number of programmers living and working in a given country, the quality of their services, their average per hour rates and the overall social and economic situation in that country. 

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Our report, entitled “The Custom Software Development Market in the CEE Region in 2023. Will Poland Remain a Leader?”, is intended for companies and investors interested in looking for a technology partner for a software project or programmer outsourcing in this corner of Europe. Our goal was to compile publicly available, but scattered, information to provide a quick and convenient overview of the situation in the region and individual Central and Eastern European countries. 

We hope the data will confirm this is an attractive area and Poland remains a key player in the region. 

Programming services in Central and Eastern Europe. What data does the report include?

The first part of the report presents a general overview of the custom software development market in the CEE region, discussing issues such as:

  • Programming services – IT competitiveness index comparison; 
  • Technological competence; 
  • Per hour rates;  
  • Type of IT services available.

Detailed information about the Polish market can be found in the second part of the report:

  • Key facts;
  • Investments;
  • Market data in a nutshell;
  • Advantages for investors;
  • Client groups served by Polish software houses;
  • Cooperation safety.

    Outsourcing IT specialists from the CEE region. Is it still worth it?

    Without revealing too much about the contents of the report, which we are sure you will enjoy reading for yourself, we can say that, in broad brush strokes, the CEE region is becoming largely coherent, not unlike the entire programming services sector. Even though differences between individual countries still exist (such as per-hour rates or specific preferences as to project types and technologies), they are getting more and more blurred. 

    This is happening in large part because programmer work has become nearly 100% remote, a process that has gradually levelled out any differences in per-hour rates charged by developers across the region. Of course, this does not apply to a comparison between the CEE countries and Western Europe, Scandinavia or the US; the average annual earnings of programmers from these regions are still nearly three times higher than those of their Central and Eastern European colleagues. This is no doubt important for companies looking for partners who provide IT specialist outsourcing services. The CEE region is still incredibly attractive in this sense. 

    However, we are not going to tell you the answer to the main question posed in the title just yet. Is Poland still a market leader in programming services in this part of Europe? Read the report and decide for yourself? 

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